Friday, April 27, 2012

site updates & new posts starting monday!

During my blogging break I have been pinning a ton of inspiration photos into Pinterest to prep for getting back into the swing of outfit blogging. I'm excited to start posting new outfits again on  Monday!

This week I've been playing around with Blogger's dynamic layout template. I really like how the dynamic layout shows posts as pictures. This is a great option for looking at all the outfits at one time. The problem was I didn't want pictures to be the only layout for the blog and lose the traditional linear timeline blogging format. And then I had the idea - why not copy the posts over to a new blog url and have both the normal layout and the dynamic? It'll be a little extra work to maintain but it is such a fun way to review the photos!

It's a work in progress - I'm only about half way done copying posts (and blogger still needs to work on some of the features) but I like what I see so far!

I enabled 4 views on the dynamic site (which you can access from the links at the top of this page at any time):
  • Flipcard view:
    • I like this view a lot because it lets you see lots and lots of outfits at a glance. And then you can click any one outfit to see more information.
    • At the top of the Flipcard view you can sort the photos by Recent, Date and Label.
    • The Label sort would be my absolute favorite of all the dynamic pages if this section worked correctly. What it does is divide & groups posts by their labels - which would be super cool if it respected the fact many of my posts have multiple labels. But right now a post will only be in the "Stripes" group OR the "Dress" group OR the "Occasion: Work" group - when it should be all three. But hopefully that will come soon with Blogger updates.
I hope you like the updates! Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests? Comments? Excited for new posts on Monday!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

outfit post: multicolored sundress

Inspiration - The Satorialist (Marc Jacobs Dress)

I first saw this dress on The Sartorialist and fell in love. It's so bright and happy and flattering. It is such a beautiful perfect summer dress. With some diligent google searching I identified it as Marc Jacobs and slightly out of my price range.

And like it often happens, when you notice something new it starts to pop up everywhere! I saw it in multiple magazine candids, a Vogue ad, on Michelle Obama and department store websites.

But then I found another dress from Asos that is a little different color & length-wise but gives me the same happy summer time feeling. Bought it right away. Yay fun pretty dress.

     Multicolored dress - Asos
     Brown wedges - Shoe Mint

Friday, April 6, 2012

outfit post: pink shorts, blue striped buttondown, flipflops

Inspiration - JCrew

This is a fun preppy casual summer look. It made me happy to be wearing bright colors and light fabrics. Good-bye winter! No one will miss ya!

(Did you happen to notice we FINALLY got our bedroom floor repaired? Hot water heater explosions with wood floors are no fun!)

     Blue striped cotton camp shirt - Ann Taylor
     Pink shorts - Ann Taylor Loft
     White buckle sandals - Target
     Brown woven belt - free on F21 dress

Thursday, April 5, 2012

outfit posts: orange chevron dress, wedges

Inspiration - Express 

This dress is from Express. I really like the bright orange color and I feel like the Chevron V pattern of the white lines is slimming. I think this dress is fun for day or night. I'd wear it to a picnic with flats or like this with a necklace & wedges for a night out on the town.

(Struggling a little with the color in the photo - the dress is bright orange and the necklace is red. The yellow of the bedroom light - even though the bulbs are the bright white ones - seem to mess warm colors up.)

     Orange chevron dress - Express
     Brown wedges - Shoe Mint
     Red bubble necklace - H&M knockoff of JCrew

Monday, April 2, 2012

outfit post: green tie front blouse, white cardigan, black pants

Inspiration - Old Navy

My last day onsite with the client was Friday. It was a really long week of 12-16 hour days and I was totally exhausted Friday morning. My choice of outfit met two criteria - whatever most felt like pajamas and wasn't embarrassingly wrinkled This super sale tie front blouse from Old Navy ($8 I think? I can't find the exact picture on the internet) and white cardigan fit the bill.

After a final long day of work I rushed to the airport to travel for 20 hour back home. Phew! I will try to start new outfit posts by tomorrow but it might be Wednesday Thursday before I recover & get some laundry done! :)

     Green chiffon tie front blouse - Old Navy 
     White cardigan - Old Navy
     Black pants - Express
     Tan flats - TJ Maxx


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