Sunday, May 1, 2016

under construction! exciting updates to come!

Over the next few days I'm migrating Outfit Posts from Blogger over to WordPress. I've had one sort of blog or another on Blogger since 2004 (!!) but I'm ready to be able to flex my coding muscles a little bit more to do some fun stuff that is beyond what Blogger allows. (SUPER excited for some new searching/category functionality to be able to find outfits!)

Hopefully this transition will go smoothly... but there is a very good chance things might be a little goofy next week. Just bare with me for a few days and then I'll be back to my normal posting schedule as soon as things stabilize! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

outfit post: stripe crossover blouse, black pants, black pumps

Inspiration - Net-a-Porter

This week of work travel to San Antonio just didn't turn out how I expected it too. I thought I was going to enjoy a week of kid-free evenings. I had these grand plans of using my after work time to go to the hotel gym, getting outfit photos I took but never posted up to the blog, making some new & exciting blog updates and making a dent in a good book while getting plenty of sleep. But instead I got food poisoning from room service Sunday night and was so sick Monday and Tuesday. It was miserable. I did none of the planned things. Oh well. Sometimes plans go awry. 

I travel home late tonight, will get home after midnight and then jump into a super busy day of client meetings for all the clients I haven't been paying attention to while traveling this week. Ugggh. I just want my bed at home and to snuggle my little munchkin!

This outfit is from two weeks ago. I love the wrap detail and forgiving cut of this blouse. I did have to pin the wrap a little higher then it is sewn at the bust to show a little less cleavage but other then that I love this top. Solid professional mid-week outfit.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

outfit post: striped dress, black cardigan, black pumps, red statement necklace

Inspiration - Miranda Kerr

I like the idea of this outfit but I didn't love wearing it last week. For some reason I really don't love dresses with curved hems. Even when curved hem dresses are long enough I keep feeling like I'm wearing an untucked shirt or a nightgown. And then adding the straight hemmed cardigan seemed to just accentuate what I don't love about the bottom of the dress. It just bugged me the whole time I was wearing it and now even more when I look at the pictures. Maybe I'm crazy?

This week I'm in San Antonio for a client configuration workshop and a super fun first for me - I got food poisoning from the hotel room service dinner I ate last night. It was a pretty mild case but made presenting all day in front of 20 people decidedly not awesome. Still feeling pretty... off. Ugh. Hope I recover by tomorrow!


Friday, April 22, 2016

outfit post: white sleeveless eyelet shirtdress, grey jersey blazer, pointed toe snakeskin pump

Inspiration - Banana Republic

Fancy Friday post! I wore this dress a month ago with a skinny gold belt and wedge sandals at the beach for Easter Sunday brunch & egg hunt. I loved it and felt very pretty and springy. A white dress with eyelet details feels very garden party/babyshower to me.

So when I saw the above ad for Banana Republic's peplum dress I decided to try to copy it. To try to make the dress read fun girly business casual by adding pumps and a blazer. I think the result somewhat successful. I still felt a little more like I should be going to a party with tiny portions of food as opposed to sitting at my desk working on spreadsheets. But it's important to occasionally try new things and stretch my sartorial horizons!

(Previous times I've worn this grey blazer.)



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