Wednesday, March 4, 2015

outfit post: striped shirt, skinny jeans, black flats

Inspiration - Kate Middleton

I am definitely struggling with getting dressed everyday. I am 30 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight and carrying most of that in my thighs & middle section. I am trying to learn to dress a very different body shape then I had 9 months ago. I've picked up a few more things from Target to try to feel somewhat cute at this size while not breaking the bank on clothes I will only (hopefully) wear for a few months.

I bought this this particular striped shirt from Target because it has a heavier weight fabric which has enough structure so that it doesn't cling to the chub around my mid-section. And then because my full panel maternity jeans were getting a little ridiculous to still be wearing and not staying up right - I bought a pair of super stretchy skinny jeans to take their place. It was hard to buy a pair three sizes bigger then my 'normal' size but better then continuing to feel terrible about what I have on. (Also got them in bootcut.) And because what's a trip to Target without some unplanned purchases I got this fun necklace in both teal & yellow. (Yay for jewelry always fitting regardless of what the scale says!) :)

Since I'm six week post-partum today I am going to make two goals for myself for the next six weeks of my maternity leave:
  1. Start eating healthier & walking lots - since I'm officially cleared for exercise I am going to start being much better about watching what I'm eating (sniff... good-bye Taco Bell) and taking long walks with the baby (she loves them and naps most of the time). I will do a weigh-in Wednesday and give you guys a +/- pounds progress report because I hear accountability keeps you motivated! Check back next Wednesday  for my first check-in. :)
  2. Post at least 3x a week. I still have some body double posts saved up so between that and mixing and matching the few items I do fit into currently -  I should be able to cobble together enough time & thought to post a few times a week!

Monday, February 16, 2015

outfit post: pink striped tunic, bootcut jeans, flip flops

Inspiration - Old Navy

I feel like the past few weeks of taking care of a newborn is like I've been participating in some mad scientist's behavioral study.
  • Step 1 - Deprive the subject of normal sleep for weeks on end, only allowing for short naps on a sporadic and non-routine basis. Observe subject's loss of mental function.
  • Step 2 - Make the subject attempt to perform everyday tasks in sleep deprived state. Subject may only use one hand at any time while using the other hand to corral a wiggly bundle. Observe subject's lack of ability to problem solve and learn new skills.
  • Step 3 - Occasionally reward subject with positive stimuli to continue the experiment. Baby head smell, chubby cheeks, wide blue eyes gazing into space and tiny fingers are all acceptable positive reinforcement. Observe cute baby. :)
Mmmm baby head smell... :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

outfit post: chambray shirt, black cropped pants, teal pointed toe flats

Inspiration - Hilary Duff

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes for little Skylar! So wonderful to hear so many sweet sentiments - they are very much appreciated!

Two weeks in and we are doing well. Lots and lots and lots of diapers, feedings and naps. Then feedings, naps and diapers. And then for variety diapers, feeding, diapers, feeding and no naps. (And I thought 80 hour work weeks were grueling!) But we're slowly getting the hang of things, taking it day by day and improving little by little. :)

At this point I'm doing well physically. I just took my first long walk yesterday and it was wonderful being outside. I've been spending a lot of time in pjs & sweats over the past few weeks but I've found in the past few days that if I can shower and put on real clothes - I feel much more human - regardless of how little I've slept the night before. So I'm going to try to make more of an effort to squeeze that in between the FDN. (FDN - feed, diaper, nap. Starting a new thing - sorta like Jersey Shore GTL acronym but not cool at all. :P)

The challenge with putting on 'real clothes' is that while I'm down 25 lbs since giving birth - I still have a solid 30 lbs left of 55 lbs of pregnancy weight I gained. So that means I won't be back to my regular closet clothing for a little while. In the meantime - I've transitioned from my third trimester pants back into my second trimester pants. And to add to that I made a quick trip to Old Navy (outside world - exciting!) to pick up some roomy tops that accommodate the fact that a lot of those 30 lbs are around my midsection and boobs.

Here's the first top I bought - a XL chambray shirt because chambray is the best. (And bonus, in this picture, the shirt has fresh wrinkles from my sleeping on the couch!) This outfit is still super comfortable for hanging around the house but it at least looks like I belong to the land of the living. And then I added fun teal necklace and teal flats to make the basics a little more exciting when we went to pick up some takeout from McAllister's. :)


Thursday, January 29, 2015

hello world!

Baby Skylar was welcomed with love on January 21st at 11:01 PM. Both baby & momma are doing great.


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