outfit posts: february & march outfits

I really like it when fashion bloggers do a monthly recap of all their outfits in a single post. That way when I can easily scroll and see everything they wore without paging back a million times.

So in addition to updating my seasonal archives (see all archive links at very bottom of this post) I was thinking I'd also occasionally post the group of outfits I wore in a month as a main page post.

Here are the outfits I posted from February & March 2016

*Click each photo to view original post*

Seasonal archives:


  1. Thanks for the month in review! The last two days have a 404 error :(. I can't see them on the page and can't click on it.
    I LOVE that April 4 post with the pink cardigan and grey pants, honestly, when I first looked at it, I thought it was your sister! You have lost a lot of weight, congratulations!!!!! That pink and grey has to be my favorite of all of these!

    1. There aren't photos for the last two days - I was just trying to put placeholders in the HTML table that kept the images lined up properly. Guess it didn't work quite right. :/

      Thanks so much. It's been a slow process but I feel like I'm finally getting there! I have missed my 'normal' sized pants for so long! :)


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