outfit post: striped navy swing dress, red cardigan, red ballet bow flats

Inspiration - Asos

Happy April Fools Friday!

Exciting news! I bought new shoes! :) These are total knock-offs of the beautiful fancy pants $500 Ferragamo ballet flats but these are from JC Penny's and only cost $40. (They come in nude, grey and black too.) Loving the bright red color and happy little bow on my toes. So stinking cute. I already have lots of outfit ideas for these fun flats!

I really like how one new piece to your closet can make other older clothes in your closet feel exciting and fun again.



  1. What a great outfit! Fun for a Friday and also comfy but polished too!

  2. Love this outfit. I discovered your blog recently and it's now one of my favorites. Your color combinations give me lots of ideas. Keep it coming.


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