outfit post: striped dress, black cardigan, black pumps, red statement necklace

Inspiration - Miranda Kerr

I like the idea of this outfit but I didn't love wearing it last week. For some reason I really don't love dresses with curved hems. Even when curved hem dresses are long enough I keep feeling like I'm wearing an untucked shirt or a nightgown. And then adding the straight hemmed cardigan seemed to just accentuate what I don't love about the bottom of the dress. It just bugged me the whole time I was wearing it and now even more when I look at the pictures. Maybe I'm crazy?

This week I'm in San Antonio for a client configuration workshop and a super fun first for me - I got food poisoning from the hotel room service dinner I ate last night. It was a pretty mild case but made presenting all day in front of 20 people decidedly not awesome. Still feeling pretty... off. Ugh. Hope I recover by tomorrow!



  1. I agree if the hem was straight it would be a totally different look. I really don't like the curved look myself it does look like a nightshirt. Shame because I'm really into the stripes.

  2. For me it's the same: I neither love curved hems - especially on dresses. Although I'm also really into stripes!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  3. I am totally with you. I have a few dresses with curved hems, and I love them until I sit down. I always feel like they rise WAY too much for me to feel comfortable outside of my house. You look like a rockstar though, and I actually like your jacket with it to give it that extra feeling of structure. I think if you would have had a looser cardigan, you would've felt more like you were in PJs. Feel better soon!!


  4. I agree. LOVE the concept of the outfit, but the hem along with the pumps makes it look a bit schizophrenic. I think the outfit with flats going shopping would look great!

  5. Couldn't agree more on the curved hem! As much as I want to like it, I just can't. It looks like I'm missing my pants every time I try on a dress without a straight hem. Sometimes, even a notched hem looks the same way.

  6. I, too, am not a fun of these curved up hems, same with the low front/long back hem skirts. Just doesn't do it for me. I do like the look of the stripes with the fitted cardigan and contrast necklace. Well, if it's no good as is, you have some options: wear it as a nightie (haha - sorry couldn't help myself), or do a refashion by 1) cutting it shorter with straight hem, or 2) adding some coordinating/accent fabric underneath the curve to make it a straight hem. By the way, I hope you are feeling all better now.

  7. I think it looks great on you! Pumps hurt my feet but I would totally wear this with flats or sandals.

  8. You are not crazy. It looks a little weird, but I think it's accentuated by the stripes, further emphasizing the hem. Perhaps you can combine both of Marina's tips: cut and then add a block colour (or lace, that's my go-to)

  9. Loving this look, so much! The necklace is a great addition



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