outfit post: stripe crossover blouse, black pants, black pumps

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This week of work travel to San Antonio just didn't turn out how I expected it too. I thought I was going to enjoy a week of kid-free evenings. I had these grand plans of using my after work time to go to the hotel gym, getting outfit photos I took but never posted up to the blog, making some new & exciting blog updates and making a dent in a good book while getting plenty of sleep. But instead I got food poisoning from room service Sunday night and was so sick Monday and Tuesday. It was miserable. I did none of the planned things. Oh well. Sometimes plans go awry. 

I travel home late tonight, will get home after midnight and then jump into a super busy day of client meetings for all the clients I haven't been paying attention to while traveling this week. Ugggh. I just want my bed at home and to snuggle my little munchkin!

This outfit is from two weeks ago. I love the wrap detail and forgiving cut of this blouse. I did have to pin the wrap a little higher then it is sewn at the bust to show a little less cleavage but other then that I love this top. Solid professional mid-week outfit.



  1. I love these pants! They make your legs look about 1000 miles long! Safe travels home



  2. Oh man, what a gigantic bummer about the food poisoning (in general), but mostly that you didn't get your awesome week to do all your favorite things. I hope your transition back from traveling goes well - sounds intense. Looking great in this outfit though!

  3. I've wanted that top so badly and hate that it's been sold out since February! I have it in navy and love it - hope they bring it back again.

  4. I think everything you wear looks better on you than on the model/photo. You always look fabulous!!


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