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As I've lost a few more pounds over the past few months - I am fitting into the majority of my 'normal' sized wardrobe. While it's very exciting to get to wear a bunch of things that I haven't been able to over the past two years - it has been confusing process to get dressed in the morning. I've had to try on piece after piece of clothing to figure out what has gotten too big, what has newly started to fit again and what is still too small. It's like, "will it fit?" roulette. Not a fun game first thing in the morning!

So slowly but surely (y'know in all the free time I keep talking about! hardy har har!) I am gathering one type of clothing at a time (jeans, work pants, skirts or whatever) from all the corners of the house (my closet, too-small-while-I'm-pregnant tupperware in the garage, dresser in the guest room, etc) and trying them all on start to finish. I just figured out I own 5 different sizes of work pants plus maternity ones! Holy cow.

To sort things out I made five piles and have been one by one categorizing each piece: maternity, too big, fits me now, should fit really soon and unusually skinny. Only "fits me now" and "should fit really soon" go back into my normal closet. And the other sizes go into storage or donate. Hopefully this will make getting dressed a lot easier every day.



  1. Don't get rid of all your maternity clothes in case you decide to have another baby, it happened to my sister and now she has to buy everything again...


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