outfit post: brown leather jacket, navy t-shirt, skinny jeans, ankle boots

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

Lately both the Hubs and I have been in full throttle modes at our respective jobs. Because our schedules are so different, we have been like two ships passing in the night. Or rather like one ship finding the other ship asleep on the couch because they were trying to stay up to see the first ship at least once this week... or something like that.

So even though I just wanted to crawl into bed at 7 pm on Friday night and see how long I could look at the back of my eyelids - I rounded up a babysitter to come after Skylar went down for the night and tried to make myself half presentable for a grown up dinner date with the hubs. Jeans and t-shirt were worn for comfort and then a jacket and fun scarf were added to jazz up the outfit.

The lovely evening of yummy food and pleasant conversation was just the thing to transition from the hectic work week into a nice uneventful and hopefully lazy weekend.



  1. Cute outfit and great idea! With having a 2-month old now, date night seems like a distance memory. Lol.

    1. Congratulations! I totally understand! I found it got a lot easier for us around the 3 month mark. :)

  2. Great, easy and fun outfit! I have a 3 month old and dressing my new self casually has been challenging. I like how flattering this is with the solid navy as a base and fun add ons. Thanks!


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