outfit post: blue tie-neck blouse with vest, black pants, black pumps

Inspiration - Alice + Olivia via Neiman Marcus

This one piece shirt-vest is super duper old. I think I got it around 2004 when I first started interning at a tech company and needed grown up clothes. It is the trend where there is actually no shirt under the vest - just fabric sewn in at the sleeves and the neck. It has been hanging in the back of my closet for a really long time unworn. So in an effort to clean out my closet a bit - I'm trying wear things or get rid of them and this made it into the wear again pile.

  • Blue tie-neck blouse with attached vest - Express (12 year old top? - I'm just linking to cute tie-neck blouses)
  • Silver link bracelet smartwatch - Apple


  1. You look amazing in this. I think the baby weight is definitely gone (and more)! :) I have a similar vest without the shirt from around the same time period. I think I might need to try it on again.


  2. I have a very similar top that I got when I graduated college in 2007 and needed "work-appropriate" tops - too funny! I still wear it!

  3. It's cute and different from your usual!

  4. This looks cool on you and very grown-up. Also, you have looong legs))


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