outfit post: blue cardigan, mosaic full skirt, grey pointed toe pumps

Inspiration - Queen Letizia of Spain

This outfit was my back up outfit for the conference is San Antonio. I didn't end up wearing it at the conference but packed it as an alternate outfit in my suitcase in case of who knows what. Instead I wore this last Monday and felt really happy in it all day. Work has been super busy lately and it's nice to feel like I look professional and good at my job even when mentally I feel like I'm drowning.

I really like this cardigan from Loft (on sale) because the material and weight and quality of the fabric seem a step above a lot of my other cardigans. I have quite a few inexpensive fun colored cardigans from Target and Old Navy and I like them fine for day to day wear but compared to this one - you can tell they are a step lower in quality. I am considering picking up the lemon (mustard) and pink versions as well.



  1. Love this outfit!! I recently ordered the purple floral dress from Lands End (winter version!!) and I also got the matching cardigan to go with it!! I usually buy mine at Target, so I can definitely see the difference in quality as well!! I always thought a cardigan was just a cardigan til I got a different brand!! Might have to try the Loft version as well!!

  2. I just found your blog (thanks Pinterest) and love it! You're style is very similar to mine. Great outfits.

  3. I love literally every outfit you've put up on your blog. So many ways to wear everything in my closet, thank you!

  4. This outfit is adorable. Ann Taylor and Loft clothes look too boxy on me but their clothes look great on you.


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