outfit post: henley shirt dress, black boyfriend cardigan, black fleece tights, black ballet flats

Inspiration - Loft

Here's a hotel snap of the outfit I wore on the second day of client workshops in Ohio. Loved this new dress & necklace combo from Loft and was nice and warm in my fleece tights.

While I liked how the outfit looked - I had two outfit issues:
  • Because borderline between sizes when I ordered, I went up and during the day they sorta slid down in the crotch area. Sorta awkward feeling to be in front of 20 people and feel like you've got penguin legs. Think I need to get the smaller size so they fit properly.
  • While I was gesturing during my explanation of some riveting database relational information - I barely hit the necklace with my arm and the lower chain broke. I took it back to the store when I got home to Florida but Loft didn't have it in stock anymore to exchange. So I picked up this cobochon one instead.


  1. I love this dress with leggings! Thanks for sharing the highs and lows of the outfit too. I will be in Florida in a couple weeks and I can't wait to wear warmer clothes!!!


  2. I'm very tall and have to buy the largest size of leggings/tights for them to be long enough so I often have to deal with them falling down. A trick I use to help them stay up is putting spandex shorts over my tights! It really helps


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