outfit post: grey cashmere sweater, pink check shirt, black pants, black pumps

Inspiration - J.Crew

Work trip iPhone photo from my lovely hotel room. :)

I feel like cute professional guys often wear a uniform of plaid/checked shirts, nice pullover sweaters and slacks. So to mimic a 'guy' look and lead our software configuration workshop last week in Ohio - I did my own spin of the uniform with a pink check shirt underneath a grey sweater. (I actually wore this exact outfit almost two years ago when I was interacting with some higher ups during work meetings in Germany.) Plus I added a fun sparkly necklace and pumps. Felt cute and confident with my outfit choice during our all day meetings.



  1. Button downs are usually way outside of my comfort zone because I find the collar REALLY uncomfortable.... BUT this is SUPER cute and I feel like I could totally give it a whirl!

    I understand why you do it, but I hate that we can't see your face because I'd love to know how you wore your hair. Ponytail?

  2. I remember the first time you wore this outfit. I still haven't gotten a hold of a pink check shirt. Bummer. Even the guy with it (first inspiration picture) looks great in it.


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