year in review - outfit posts: black riding boot - 17 ways

As part of my annual year end wrap up, I have gathered together some of my favorite & most worn pieces of clothing from 2015 plus a few favorites from the blogging archives. I think it's interesting & fun to to see all the different ways I wore the same thing. Hope you enjoy the look back too! 

This post could alternately be called, "What I wear when I'm cold." I pull out my non-ankle higher-rise boots and warm socks (warm socks are so important) when the weather is going to stay below freezing. My black boots seem passably professional to me when I know I'm going to be cold all day and don't want to attempt swapping to flats or heels at my desk.

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  1. I am heading to Florida next month and am excited to look through your outfit ideas for warmer weather!!! :)


  2. Looooove the leopard scarf! It's so perfect when paired with dark or light colors <3


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