outfit post: cream cable knit, brown pencil skirt, burgundy pumps

Inspiration - Zara

Holy crap is it hard to get reengaged with work after the holidays. It's like pulling teeth to get my brain out of life/friends/food/family mode and into project plans, status meetings and spreadsheets land. But it must be done. Sigh.

Simple outfit today. (Do I say that everyday?) Warm sweater, a pencil skirt and minimal jewelry. I really liked how the inspiration photo was a gradation of light to dark looking from the top to the bottom. So I tried to recreate it with cream, brown and then burgundy pumps. I like the result.



  1. Long-time reader, first-time commenter. I love your blog, and your work outfits are so inspiring! It can be hard for me to get enthused about getting dressed for work, and your posts really help give me ideas. Quick question! I'm always afraid that I'll be cold if I wear skirts or dresses without tights in the winter. I do work in a heated building, I'm just a wimp about the car ride in and home. Do you ever struggle with getting chilly, or is it not as bad as I imagine? Thank you!

    1. I live in Florida so it's typically an issue of being too hot by mid-day when I dress really warmly. When I lived in DC I definitely wore tights 95% of the time on cold winter days!


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