outfit post: cream boyfriend cardigan, white tank, skinny jeans, ankle boots

Inspiration - Emma Stone

Wore this outfit last weekend. It was my husband's birthday so we got a babysitter (my brother home for the holidays from Australia) and went to see Star Wars and then watch some football at a restaurant/bar. Easy casual date night.

Looking at the calendar it's about to get extra really busy around these parts!
  • Today - Flying to Tennessee with Skylar to visit my bestie for 5 days! (Working remotely from her evil genius lair university professor office.)
  • January 21st - Skylar turns 1! Easy family dinner at our house.
  • Week of January 25th - Fly to Ohio for client workshop
  • Week of February 1st - Fly to Texas for work conference
  • Week of February 8th - Going skiing in Breckenridge for six days with hubby & 5 other couples. (2nd time ever going skiing and first time ever going on a group vacation!)
  • Weekend of February 20th - Big Junior League event that I've been working on all year.
Phew. Little tired just typing all that out! Going to try my best to take pictures of all the outfits I pack for each trip and queue them up into posts so that this blog doesn't go totally dark for a month. Fingers crossed! :)


FITNESS FRIDAY - Week 2 Update
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1. Exercise Plan - (Goal: 6x a week)
Not a great second week. Started out strong on Sunday but then the little human came down with an ear infection which meant very little sleep for either of us. And my ability to function in my normal life and my motivation to add an hour of exercise to my day both fell apart. Poor little girl. Feel so bad for her when she's hurting.
  • Sunday - Great workout at the stadium. Really pushed myself and felt great.
  • Monday - No sleep. Dead tired.
  • Tuesday - Tired plus long day at work & Junior League meeting in the evening.
  • Wednesday -Tired.
  • Thursday - Elliptical at the gym.
  • Friday - Will be traveling to Memphis after work. Don't have enough sleep to get up at 5:00 AM to squeeze workout in before work. Going to try to be really active and eat yummy healthy food while with bestie.
2. Food Plan - (Goal: track all food)
Successful food tracking week. Every thing that went in my mouth got tracked into myFitnessPal. Managed to stay on track with food even though takeout would have been lovely a few nights when I was exhausted.

3. Weekly Weigh-In - (Goal: 13.6 lbs. to get back to pre-pregnancy weight)
Went up 1.6 lbs. Seems about right for the lack of sleep and amount of effort I put in.
  • Weight change this week: +1.6 (gain)
  • Weight loss to date: -2.6
  • Goal Remain: 12 lbs to go.
I know that have less control over my time & sleep with the unexpected happenings of a baby around.  So I will just have to accept that this (or a huge project at work or something else of similar importance) might derail my efforts occasionally. All I can do with a less then successful week like this is dust myself off and try again next week.

If you want to share your own New Year's resolution progress or just a fun outfit - link up below. :)


  1. I like this outfit. It looks stylish but also casual and comfy.

  2. As a working mom, I'm curious...does your hubby take care of the baby when you are travelling for work? Do your parents or in-laws live in the same town to help? I'm just wondering how people do it without family in town. Is your husband's job as demanding as yours is travel-wise? Have you both had to make changes since the arrival of the baby or have you been able to keep the same working schedules as before. Just want to know...how do you do it all!????!!??? And how are you taking the baby but working at your friend's office? And how much caffeine do you rely on? ;) Seriously, I don't know how you can maintain a blog on top of everything. I am blown away!! You go!

    1. It takes a village. My husband works longer & crazier hours then I do so he's not a huge assist there. We have a nanny for my work hours. I have 3 siblings and my parents in town. My SIL lives two hours away and loves to help out. We have two babysitters that help occasionally. And for my trip to Memphis - we hired my besties babysitter for the two days I was working. And I DRINK GALLONS OF COFFEE! Thanks for the note. Sometimes it feels manageable and others I just feel like a train wreck. Depends on the day! :)

  3. You have a lot of fun things coming up, how exciting! I'm still really diggin' those new booties - they look so great with skinny jeans!

  4. I really like this outfit!

    You are going to be busy in the next few weeks! Glad there is a vacation in the mix!

    Great job tracking all your food and eating what you had planned even though you've been busy! Exercise with a small child is tough!

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Oh, do you think your university professor friend will be interested in doing a few guest posts?

    1. I'm trying to talk her into it! She has super crazy schedule so I got a maybe. :)

  6. I'm also super impressed by how you manage to fit all you do in to your days! I'm a stay at home mum with 2 little ones and if I'm lucky I might get up at 6.30am once or twice a week to fit in a 20 minute run but that's about it! I'm inspired to do more! Love your posts about clothes and fitness!

    1. I don't know how anyone has two (or more) kids. One is nuts! Congrats on anything you squeeze in!!!

  7. It was subsequently a partner's celebration as a result you gotten an important babysitter (my nephew family home in the special occasions as a result of Questions) and even went around to find out Starlet Competitions and be able to sit back and watch various rugby within a restaurant/bar.


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