outfit post: coral blazer, white portofino shirt, black pants, black pumps

Inspiration - Michelle Obama

Bright blazer for the win. Love adding one statement piece to an otherwise all basic outfit and having it pull everything together to look professional yet fun. Thanks FLOTUS for the inspo!


FITNESS FRIDAY - Week 1 Update
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1. Exercise Plan - (Goal: 6x a week)
Successful workout week! First week on track always seems to go well... it's more of the 3rd-4th week I'm worried about. It felt really good to move around each day. I could really tell I have lost my fitness level when things that used to be warm ups left me winded. But that just means I have lots of room for improvement!  :)
  • Sunday - Pouring rain so no stadiums. Exercise DVD instead.
  • Monday - Went for a run after work with baby in jogging stroller & the dog. My endurance was non-existent. But I pushed myself and went a total of 3 miles alternating between jogging & walking. Majority was walking. Told myself that being consistent about going for runs, not the success of each individual run, is the main key to improving distance/endurance. 
  • Tuesday - Elliptical (while watching Biggest Loser on iPad - yay!) & weights
  • Wednesday - Stadiums with kiddo & stroller (lots of ramps and lunges)
  • Thursday - Elliptical & weights
  • Friday - writing this on Thursday night so haven't completed yet - plan is for a long walk
    2. Food Plan - (Goal: track all food)
    Successful food tracking week. Every thing that went in my mouth got tracked into myFitnessPal. It actually worked in my favor when I was staring into the fridge out of boredom rather then hunger and I thought, "Ugh if I eat that I'll have to go track it. I'm too lazy - it's not worth it."

    I went grocery shopping bought a lots of healthy groceries and prepped a bunch (chopping, cooking where possible) on Sunday to make it easier during the rush of the workweek.

    3. Weekly Weigh-In - (Goal: 13.6 lbs. to get back to pre-pregnancy weight)
    I feel like any time I start trying to eat healthy (after a period of not doing so) I always magically immediately lose 2 lbs.  So even though this week the scale says 4.2 I'm really considering it to be 2.2.
    • Weight change this week: -4.2
    • Weight loss to date: -4.2
    • Goal Remain: 9.4 lbs to go.
     If you want to share your own New Year's resolution progress or just a fun outfit - link up below. :)


    1. Love your blog. I just had my third child almost three weeks ago. I'm about 20 pounds from my prepregnancy weight though I'd like to lose 25. Can't wait to start exercising again.

      1. Congratulations on your little one! Personally - even though I got cleared to exercise at 6 weeks - I didn't feel "normal" with sleep and routine and such until she was about 3 months. But I know everyone is different. Good luck with everything! :)


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