outfit post: brown leather jacket, cream cable knit sweater, navy a-line skirt, brown high heeled boots

Inspiration - Massimo Dutti

Ummm ok... so this photo isn't me. It's a leftover photo from last year when I had my friend substitute as a clothing model for my clothes/outfits when I was really preggers. I have a folder with a few straggling photos I took of her that never made it to the blog. My thought was to re-take this photo wearing the clothes myself but between busy work and traveling to and from Memphis this past week - I haven't had a chance to take any pictures. So I figured a cute outfit of someone else was better then no outfit post at all!

Sometimes winter weather outfits can get dull your basic warm pants, a sweater and a coat. Over and over. I love this outfit because it's unexpected, cute and still warm. Lots of layers plus interesting textures, colors and silhouette. Winter win!


FITNESS FRIDAY - Week 3 Update
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1. Exercise Plan - (Goal: 6x a week)
Because I was traveling 5 days this week with a toddler I decided to just focus on getting steps and keeping myself moving. Did pretty well and had above 10K steps 4/7 days which I think that was a decent result.
  • Friday - No workout. Worked all day then traveled to Memphis with Skylar to visit my bestie & her family (she has two cute daughters).
  • Saturday -  Two long walks to nearby park in 30 degree weather with the kids. Plus climbing on playground & loop around lake at the park. Lots of steps.
  • Sunday - Rest day.
  • Monday - 5 mile speed walk in 23 degree weather!
  • Tuesday - Work and dinner and kids. Not a ton of steps.
  • Wednesday - Flew home after work. Hour long delays at each leg of journey = strollering around the airport while we waited instead of sitting and lots and lots of steps.
  • Thursday - Two coffee walks at work plus long walk with Skylar & dog in the evening. Lots of steps.
2. Food Plan - (Goal: track all food)
Successful food tracking week. Plus bestie is an amazing cook. So she made delicious healthy food for us breakfast, lunch & dinner for the whole visit. It was wonderful. It made eating well so easy and enjoyable - hmmm I need a personal chef!

3. Weekly Weigh-In - (Goal: 13.6 lbs. to get back to pre-pregnancy weight)
Down 1.2 from last week. Pretty good for traveling and a less regimented workout week.
  • Weight change this week: 1.2 (loss)
  • Weight loss to date: -3.8 lbs
  • Goal Remain: 9.8 lbs to go.
If you want to share your own New Year's resolution progress or just a fun outfit - link up below. :)


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