outfit post: pink bow blouse, black pencil skirt, black pumps

Inspiration - Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Day 9 of Princess Week! I've been recreating Princess Mary's fantastic professional & casual outfits over the past week. It has been so much fun having such a stylish inspiration each day. (See all PW posts here.) I am going to post one more casual princess outfit tomorrow to wrap up my streak at 10 days!

This is the outfit that I replaced yesterdays with after having fit issues in the tummy area. I love love love a sexy secretary look. Something about a pretty long sleeve blouse and a reasonable length pencil skirt that is technically conservative but has such a feminine sophisticated bombshell vibe.

Two previous outfits with the Target bow blouse.



  1. I have loved this steak of princess inspired outfuts! I definitely recreated #6 on Tuesday for work. Thank you!

  2. Love this! You're right about the sexy secretary outfits too! This is a classic!


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