outfit post: december shopping wishlist

There is lots of shopping for other people this time of year but as I'm working on my gift ideas for my family - a few fun things for myself have caught my eye. I'm going to hold off on actually getting anything until we see what Santa brings but just for fun here is a widget of stuff I'd like to magically appear in my closet.

1. Sparkly earrings - so pretty. Would be cute for New Years party.
2. Plaid dress - it would be so cute with black tights/leggings and boots and a fluffy cream colored scarf.
3. Speaking of leggings - I need to buy a pair. Have quite a bit of work travel & vacation travel in January & February and I would like to keep my legs warm.
4. Kelly green sweater. I had a cardigan in this color for a few years and wore it until it disintegrated. Would like to replace it with this sweater.
5. Olive green cable knit sweater - Looks lovely and warm. And it's my favorite color of clothing because it matches my eyes.
6. Amethyst stud earrings - I've been on a pearl earring repeat. A fun new colored pair of earrings would be great to mix into the rotation.
7. Flannel PJs - I see these on every single gift guide and now I want a fun pair of PJs. I also want corporate dress code to involve PJs. Only one of these two wishes seem likely.
8. Black sheath dress - I really like the neckline on this dress. Although I don't know if you could wear a normal bra or not? Also, will need to get through some exercises and vegetables before I can wear sheath-anything.
9. Green pencil skirt - Love me a colored pencil skirt. Love green. 'Nuf said.
10. Chuck Taylors - my little sister was wearing a pair when she visited over Thanksgiving. She looked so cute. It made me nostalgic for my hot pink pair I wore to death in high-school.
11. Quilted vest - So many blogger wear/talk about these vests. I live in Florida so I don't need/understand them. But I sorta unreasonably want one.
12. Windowpane blouse - I love the windowpane print but don't own anything that has it. I feel like I'm finally going wait and wait and wait to get something like this blouse and then two minutes after I buy it goes out of style.


  1. Love both earring picks. I'm not even an earring girl but I've seen the sparkly ones on someone and can't get them out of my mind.

  2. Walmart has ks rip off earrings for $3!

  3. My husband and I just moved to Sarasota area in May from cold northern Indiana. We stayed in a family's winter home (thankfully) while our new house was being built, so most of our clothes stayed in boxes for a long time. We are finally moved into our own home..... and I just went through all of our "winter" clothes boxes..... needless to say I have 6 of those coveted J. Crew vests that I hoarded back in Indiana.... and let me tell you I hung them right back up in our coat closet lol!! I have not touched them this "winter"... but oh so hard to part with! They are truly an unreasonable addiction ;)


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