outfit post: burgundy printed shift dress, black boyfriend cardigan, black ballet flats

Inspiration - Old Navy

December has been a crazy whirlwind. We snuck in a vacation to the Bahamas the week before Christmas and then rolled right into hosting 10 people at our house for the holidays. Vacation was lovely. My family is great and it was super wonderful to spend time with them. But now it's back to work and normal reality.

I'm trying so hard to get my brain to function (writing this Monday morning) but Skylar had a really rough night past two nights with a new tooth that's on it's way and a totally stopped up nose. I think I've gotten about 5 hours sleep total in past two nights. Concentrating enough to type these words is hard.

Since my brain has such low capacity today - a simple dress & cardigan was the best I do to get myself out the door for work. This dress is really nice in that it is forgiving around the mid-section which I really need after all the vacation & holiday food that I have consumed over the past month.

Speaking of trying to get dressed this morning - trying on clothes today I realized lots of things that I as able to fit into a month ago are tight again. I have really slacked off in the healthy food/exercise department lately. So starting TODAY I'm going to begin my New Years resolution to eat better and move more. I'm going to try to be really really good through end of January.

And since so many of you mentioned interest in reading about my post-postpartum weight-loss progress/struggle in the survey feedback - I will restart the Wednesday weigh-in start Fitness Friday posts to layout my plan and update you on my progress through end of January. Hopefully this will help with accountability!

Okay - enough brain dump rambling. Gotta get myself to work. Hope everyone else had/is having a great holiday!



  1. I like how you used "winter" colors to style this dress. The shoes are so cute too!


    1. Thanks! "Winter" color trick is a Florida staple to feel even a little seasonal. :)

  2. Love this outfit! I'm with you on the New Year's re-committing. I definitely need to stop eating as much as I have been the last few weeks!

    1. Mmmm food. Good luck re-committing! I'll be right there with you doing my best! :)

  3. Love your outfit!!! Plus, I'm with you on recommitting, too!! I was on a great fitness plan, slacked off for 6 months and gained 10 pounds! Eeekkkk!!

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck recommitting! I'll be trying my best right along with you!


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