outfit post: boucle jacket, black tank, black suit pants, black pumps

Inspiration - Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Day 6 of Princess Week! I'm going to try to recreate Princess Mary's fantastic professional & casual outfits for the next seven days. So fun! (See all PW posts here.) It's been so fun - I might actually see if I can make the end of the week... stay tuned. :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! On Thursday we drove to visit my Grandfather & extended family in Sarasota and then back home for a weekend full of immediate family and football. My brother who is living in Australia and my sister who is living in Boston were both home for the holiday. It was great to have them back and they were adorable playing with Skylar. I took one zillion photos.

Long weekends make it super difficult to get my brain back in the work groove. Whenever I'm feeling less then ready for a Monday I try to dress a little extra professionally to trick my brain to transition back to job mode. It sorta works. As long as the outfit wearing is bolstered with copious amounts of coffee. :)