outfit post: black pleated blouse, teal midi skirt, black pumps

Inspiration - Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Day 8 of Princess Week! I've been recreating Princess Mary's fantastic professional & casual outfits over the past seven days. So fun! (See all PW posts here.) I still have a few ideas so I'm trying to make it to the end of the week... stay tuned. :)

This blouse might look familiar because I just wore the same one in white last week. When I happen across a work top that I really like, it is reasonably priced AND it doesn't wrinkle - I will often buy multiples. That is the case for this blouse from Forever 21 that I got three years ago. I bought it in white, black and a jeweled tone teal color. (Here are previous outfits with all three shirts. White is winning by far for most worn!

And speaking of buying multiples - I own this J.Crew midi skirt in both teal and red. (Previous outfits here.)

I like the idea of this outfit but I didn't actually end up wearing it to work. The fit of the waist/belly area of the skirt is a little bulgy in the front compared to how it fit pre-baby. (I'm trying really hard to pose so it looks normal in the photo but it was too uncomfortable to wear.) I'll share what I actually wore tomorrow - don't worry - still princess inspired! :P

The fit is really not the skirts fault. It is definitely the neglecting workouts and focusing on stuffing my pie hole over the past two months' fault. My lack of attention to taking care of being healthy killed all my postpartum fitness momentum. But January and pesky New Year's resolutions are around the corner so my goal is to get back on the bandwagon then. And because so many of you mentioned enjoying the progress updates in the survey (or lack-of-progress updates... whoomp whoomp) that I figured I will share weekly with you guys again. Accountability! :)