Thursday, November 19, 2015

outfit post: white pleated blouse, navy a-line midi skirt, pointed toe snakeskin pumps

Inspiration - Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

This photograph of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark is the inspiration outfit that started my recent hunt for a pair of snakeskin pumps. I love them so much in this outfit. And now the day has finally come that I'm wearing almost the same exact outfit including my new snazzy shoes! Yay fun. I feel both girly and yet sophisticated which is a great combination.

Previous times I've worn:
After I pinned this picture from my photo stream, I searched for more images of Princess Mary and Pinterest was super obliging and returned eight bazillion results. Looking through them I was excited to find that there were quite a few Princess approved outfits that I could create with things I already own. So I had a little idea, made a folder, saved some Princess Mary pins and now what you didn't even know you waiting for has begun... PRINCESS WEEK!

Over the next week I'm going to try to recreate some of my favorite Princess Mary outfits from my closet! She has given me a bunch of really cute work appropriate ideas and a few put together casual ones. So stay tuned for the more headless royal clothing copying fun! :)



  1. I was the one who gave you the hint about Crown Princess Mary's outfits (under a post about a Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, outfit). Glad you like some of her less princess outfits.
    I REALLY like her. She supports great projects and always looks appropriate for every event and in free time.
    I'm very looking forward to your other Crown Princess Mary outfits.
    Many greetings from Germany

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you did! It was a great suggestion! She always looks so polished. Thanks again!!

  2. Love this outfit! Super adorable.

  3. Oh, I love this outfit! So lady-like, but a little bit unexpected with the shoes.

  4. I never ever comment, but I had to today... I ADORE this outfit!

  5. I just got snakeskin wedges...from Pay less!! For $10!! They are so cute.

  6. ur blog is fantastic and i love the simplicity with which u explain the basics .. i am desperately looking to build a capsule wardrobe (for work and play), but other than the odd hippy maxi-dress for w-e, i don't wear skirts, dresses and can't wear heels ........ i'd be curious to see a capsule wardrobe like that, as everybody incorporates skirts and dresses :) so glad to have found ur page :) xxx

    1. I'd definitely like to do a pants only capsule someday! Thanks for the suggestion!



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