outfit post: purple plaid dress, grey cardigan, grey pointed to pumps

Inspiration - Poppy Delevingne

THANK YOU guys so much for all the feedback so far on the survey! I think I've said this before but with blogging there is a lot of putting posts together when you're by yourself and then sending them out into the interwebs without really knowing if or how or by whom your blog is being received. It's sometimes a weirdly solitary activity. Rationally I know people see the posts and like them enough keep coming back because of traffic and stats and comments and such. But to occasionally get such sweet direct feedback that you find me putting what I wear on the internet helpful and interesting and it makes you day/life easier... it's really pretty awesome! So heartfelt thank you for all the responses so far!! You know how to make a gal feel good. :)

I love the pattern on this Old Navy dress soooo much (first outfit with the dress here) and how it flows away at the waist so it's forgiving to my stomach and legs. I sort of want to wear it every day. Only issue I have, that keeps it from being my total favorite, is that it's a cami dress so it has spaghetti straps. That means I can't remove my cardigan when I get hot because my industrial nursing bra straps will show.  (#FloridaWinterProblems)



    1. Great dress! I bed a tailor would be able to add some wider straps for you!

    2. Love the hash tag! I haven't even thought about getting my 'winter' clothes out.

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    4. I just love the print, and how you accessorized it. I'm looking at buying this dress online, second-hand. Just wondering though, do you have any problems with the fit of this dress around the bust? I bought the same dress in the other two prints (floral) and after washing, the lining shrunk, so the bust is saggy!

      1. I have had problems with Old Navy shrinking in the past so I've been trying to be conscious to wash in cold & line dry where possible. So far so good with this dress.

    5. love it. i posted a similar look on my blog back in September http://finewhateverblog.com/2015/09/13/am-i-repeating-myself-part-3/


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