Friday, November 13, 2015

outfit post: blue check button down, oatmeal cardigan, skinny jeans, ankle boots

Inspiration - Jean of Extra Petite

I'm sort of in love with my new booties. I have pinned a bazillion fall/winter outfit photos of cute ankle bootie outfits but my current super casual chunky buckle pair needed a sleeker more dressy counterpart to re-create a lot of them. I was struggling with feeling stumpy in so many pairs that I tried on because the front of the boot went straight across and cut off the line of my leg. This pair by Vince Camuto has a v shaped front which I feel like makes my leg seem elongated. So I plunked down a few extra bucks because I liked them so much. Yay fun new shoes!

All previous outfits with this check shirt including 2nd blog outfit ever! And here are the previous outfits with this cozy chunky cardigan.

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  1. Love the new booties! I had the same issue with finding a pair to wear with skinnies or dresses - they needed to dip down a little in the front; this is key!

    1. Yay for optical illusion tricks to look less stumpy!

  2. I always love when you wear those jeans but I've tried them on several times and can't seem to find the right fit!

    1. Jeans are so varied in fit. So many look so weird on me. These just happened to work at this weight/shape for me. You might just have to try a bunch of styles from a few stores before you find some that flatter your shape. Good luck!

  3. I had tried on a zillion pairs and finally found some, the key was they needed that v in the front. Love following your blog I dress very simular!

  4. Can you please do a post explaining how you roll the sleeves like that over the sweater? Whenever I try to duplicate it, it's a hot mess!



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