outfit post: black wool dress, black ankle boots, plaid scarf

Inspiration - Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Day 5 of Princess Week! I'm going to try to recreate Princess Mary's fantastic professional & casual outfits for the next seven days. So fun! (See all PW posts here.)

 Soft stretchy dress and pretending wearing a scarf as a shawl is fashionable? Yes please.

Big news around our household! The mini human - who has been cruising around along furniture, walls and rolling walkers for weeks now - took her first unassisted steps yesterday! So cute.


Little munchkin is getting so big!


  1. She is adorable. Enjoy all the cuddly baby moments before she is officially off and running!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love the baby pictures! Congratulations, she's beautiful!

  3. She is such a cute little nugget! Congrats on her first steps!

  4. Ugh, I missed this post. So glad I saw all the Princess Mary outfits. She is adorable!!! What a cutie! :)


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