outfit posts: recent shopping purchases - september/october

As I've lost a little more of the baby weight I am feeling more comfortable going out and buying things in close to my previous 'normal' size. When I count back through the pregnancy months - I haven't been able to buy 'normal' clothes in almost a year! Nuts! So I've had a bit of fun shopping over the past few months and this post is a rundown of things that I bought:

1.  Pink bow blouse
I love bow blouses just about as much as I love striped shirts and cardigans - which is to say forever and ever with all my heart. So when I saw this pretty pale pink one at Target I had no other choice but to bring it home with  me. So pretty & ladylike!
2. Printed skirt
I was super excited by how flattering this skirt was when I tried it on. It just feels pretty. And it has a ton of great colors to mix & match with cardigans and blouses. Love!
3. Two tops that flow away from my mid-section - 
Because I'm nursing - I still have a huge rack - and my mid-section isn't quite where is used to be - so I've found that all the shirts I've purchased have been lightweight, non-wrinkle, flowy shirts. I liked that style of shirts before my body created a tiny human so they should stay in the rotation going forward regardless of what size I end up at.
4. Fun dresses - 
It's technically Fall in Florida but our temperatures will tell you otherwise. So I've picked up a few inexpensive dresses from Old Navy in pretty fall colors. That way I feel in the season but don't sweat to death. And I also found a nice heavy weight good quality black sweater dress from Ann Taylor for actual cooler weather.
5. Flats
I bought a pair of black Tory Burch ballet flats three years ago. They were my first pair of shoes that cost that much. I wore them multiples times a week to work, play and travel. I wore them so much that I wore a hole through the heel on one shoe and the toe on the other. I always chose to wear them over all the rest of my flats sitting in my closet. So, since the pair I had were on their last leg, I decided to suck it up and replace the black pair and invest in a brown pair as well. It was a little pricey but if I get the same number of wears out of these two pairs the cost per wear will be reasonable enough to me to justify spending so much.


  1. great picks! all of them are so cute!
    great blog btw, if you get the time i'd love for you to check out mine and let me know your opinions on it! :)

    have a great weekend, girl!

  2. Take your worn out shoes to shoe repair shop, they do wonders!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately they are way beyond repair. It's the sole as well as the shoe itself. Really really torn up and worn out all over. :/


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