Tuesday, September 8, 2015

outfit post twofer - california coast/san franscico: grey sweater, navy shorts & grey sweater, skinny jeans

Inspiration - Jennifer Aniston

Final Napa/San Fransisco vacation post!

On our last full day in California we drove north west from Napa until we hit the coast. We then spent the day stopping at overlooks, checking out Redwoods, eating in random little towns and finally after stopping into our hotel (& changing into jeans - brr!) being tourists at Fisherman's Wharf. I especially loved the coast because the landscape is so different and dramatic compared to Florida's flat sandy beaches. We wrapped the day up with dinner in a restaurant overlooking the golden gate bridge and a comedy show. Flew out the next day. Wonderful lovely anniversary trip!



Inspiration - Cameron Diaz

Wore easy works-with-everything lightweight sweater from J.Crew with navy shorts from Target for riding in the car. And once we were in SF -  changed into pants/flats and grabbed my trusty military jacket. Easy basics for our final day of traveling.


Vacation Pix:


  1. It's funny how, since you don't include your head in the photos, we can kind of imagine what you look like, and imagine how we (your readers) would look in the outfits you post. I have been watching your blog on and off for years, and at no point in time did I ever picture you as a blonde. Haha! :) Love the adaptability of this post, definite real girl travel attire.



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