outfit post: survey results

Back in January I put up a survey asking a bunch of questions about what you thought about how I do things around this little blogville, how they could be improved and for you to tell me a little bit about yourselves. You guys were super wonderful and helpful and almost 3,000 of you took the time to respond!! Whoa. That is so amazing and flattering. And while it has taken me six months to really analyze the results - I've finally made my way through them and hope to incorporate what I've found as much as possible in the months!

Without further ado here is some of the feedback you guys gave:


Looks like Pinterest was the big winner for how you guys have found my blog amid the whole wide world that is the internet. Over 60% of you stumbled upon my site that way!

It's awesome to find out that almost 75% of you read here multiple times a week up to everyday! Glad you find it fun enough to come back so often!!

Seems like a pretty even distribution of ages between 20s and 50s. With highest group the same age as me - their 30s. 

This one surprised me a little bit. I thought that in general lots and lots of bloggers read blogs. So I thought that it would be a bigger percentage of other bloggers as readers. But turns out 85% of you don't have a blog yourself. Very interesting! :)


I loved hearing why you guys find it worth your time to come back to the site. And it was great to know that you do so for a variety of reasons from looking at pictures, to getting ideas for get dressed or helping you pack. It was also so great to get feedback some of your favorite things about the blog:
  • "Relatable -- you wear real clothes from normal stores and attend a regular office job"
  • "Great variety of inspiring work outfits!"
  • "I appreciate the budget-friendly majority of your pieces! Makes me feel confident that it doesn't have to be all $$$ all the time!"
  • "Your professional look. You incorporate sensible trends and affordable pieces. You aren't trying too hard to be "Fashionable" with a capital F!"
  • "The packing inspiration I receive from your posts! I was able to go on a 10 day cruise with the hubby and only pack a carry-on! He was impressed! :)"
  • "You wear the same brands I do and have the same style I do so I get tons of ideas about how to wear my clothing. I love seeing one piece multiple ways. It makes my wardrobe stretch further and opens up so many possibilities."
  • "My job is pretty similar to yours, so it is extremely helpful to see how you creatively put pieces together. Your style isn't too wild--it's very classic--and I like that." 
  • "I love that your outfits give me ideas for what to wear that I wouldn't have thought to put together myself! (I'm a fashion dummy...)" 
  • "Outfits are easy to put together. I can duplicate without having to purchase all new clothes for one outfit. I feel like you live in the same 'world' I do. So often fashion/outfit blogs leave me feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. I have a very limited clothing budget but with Outfit Posts I leave feeling encouraged...I can totally make an outfit happen with what I already have! And for that I say "Thank-You"" 
  • "I love the relational database/cross-referencing- flipcard view, being able to look at your monthly/annual summaries and looking at how you've worn any one piece multiple ways is fascinating. This is a very clever format that other fashion blogs don't have. Go programmer girl!"


My missing head just beat out my too long pants for the most annoying thing about my blog. A few (of many!) reasons given for not liking the fact I crop my head:
  • "You blog is too impersonal without showing your head."
  • "I wish you showed your head because I would love to see makeup/hair/earring inspirations to go with your outfits."
  • "I think hair/makeup really completes an outfit so your missing head drives me crazy!"
  • "Your too long pants. Dragging your hem on the ground is pretty unsanitary IMHO."
  • "The head cropping of photos. It inhibits seeing overall proportions and color choice. Is there a way to maintain your anonymity and give a whole picture?"
  • "I would love to see your face (not in a stalker way of course!)"
  • "Cropped head. You can't be THAT ugly!"
While on the other hand some of you commented you like that I crop out my head because:
  • "I don't mind your missing head. I can more easily picture myself in the outfit."
  • "I understand not including your head in the interest of your privacy!" 
  • "I kind of like the cropped head photos, it makes you really focus on the outfits!"


Majority of you like the types of posts I typically include. The winner of least liked type is the One Suitcase posts. I think it's really useful for me to hear what your least favorite thing on the blog are so I know how to focus my energy on stuff you like:
  • "Suitcase posts. Just because they don't work for me personally, I don't travel much."
  • "Seems like the outfits are getting pretty plain. Maybe do more accessories. Don't get me wrong, I'm a solids kind of girl, but I want to know how to spice them up a bit more."
  • "I also sometimes think you could do so much better than the literal translation of outfits. Kinda boring because even I can take a magazine outfit pic and copy it for my own outfit piece by piece."
This kind of feedback is so interesting because if I were just looking at my Pinterest stats -- the One Suitcase posts are the pins that bring the most people to the blog in the first place! :)


You guys seemed pretty evenly split between the types of posts I currently do. Which is great - it means lots of you are enjoying all the different ones. A few suggestion you gave me of things you'd like to see more of that I already do:
  • "More celebrity inspired posts." 
  • "Date night/girls night outfits."
  • "More cold weather clothing. I know you live in Florida but maybe you could occasionally do a post showing what you would wear somewhere colder?"
  • "Maybe try more wildcards in your wardrobe that stretch your style." 
  • "More information around how do you decide on your daily outfit?"
  • "I would like to see more casual outfits.  Since I stay at home, most if the work post don't really apply."
  • "I live up north (way north from you!) and would appreciate a few more colder (my cold) weather options, maybe with a coat option! I wish I could wear dresses in the winter, but that just isn't that possible!" 
  • "Would like to see more ways to use a suit.... Together, broken up with other items, etc."

Shopping suggestions, budgeting posts and tutorials were the three biggies in things you'd be interested in seeing from the list I provided.  The other bonus on this question was feedback you gave me for things you'd like to see beyond the choices I gave - you guys had a TON of great suggestions! Here are just a few of the ideas you guys gave:
  • One theme was incorporating trends:
    • "Posts that focus on a certain fashion trend of the season and ways to mix and match with it (example: have a week where you post outfits that are inspired by or use a fashion trend of the current season…this will help me as I try to choose outfits that go with the season.)"
    • "Using trendy pieces with basics"
    • "How to add trendy pieces in a professional way."
  •  Another theme one was what to wear to holidays/events:
    • "One topic I would like to see is work and casual outfit ideas for the holidays."
    • "Maybe holiday/party style?"
    • "Events-what to wear to...(weddings, parties, office events etc.)"
    • "Special occasion outfits (wedding guest)"
    • "Maybe specific occasion posts? Wedding attire (as a guest) ideas, Christmas Party dress ideas, etc"
  •  A third theme was cold weather clothing:
    • How to dress in cold weather...like negative temperature cold weather.
    • Cold weather clothing
    • How to wear scarfs
  • More in depth work outfit info:
    • "Suggestions on building a work wardrobe"
    • "Work outfits for specific events at work (meetings, presentations, lunch with your boss, holiday parties etc.)"
    • "How to dress for more casual work outfits/casual friday"
    • "Difference between Work Outfits and Casual Outfits for dummies"
  •  Hard to share all the suggestions you gave but here is a grab bag of a few other interesting ones:
    • "Remixing, shopping your closet first, cleaning out closet - how do you decide what goes?"
    • "Tips on accessorizing."
    • "Day-to-Evening change-ups."
    • "Maybe do a color series? If you have red pants, five different ways to wear them sort if thing."
    • "I'd be curious what you budget is (not to pry), if you have one/how do you decide what to spend money on"
    • "As mentioned above, I would love more budgeting posts, how often you shop, what you buy and how good about recycling things from your collection (like wearing an item for a year or two)"
    • "Favorite places to shop/go to locations for clothing"
    • "Let readers send in a photo of an item they are having difficulty styling....you help show how to style. for example, I have a black/grey striped skirt from Old Navy...only seem to wear it with black shirt."

And finally - I asked what other blogs you guys enjoy - here's a list of the top ten "Other Favorite Blogs" you guys listed. With only a few exceptions it was basically a list of what I read too! Great choices! :)


  1. this is such an awesome survey, very insightful.

  2. This is awesome! I love data so I love the survey results :)

  3. This is great, but I wish other people agreed with me--haha! I love your suitcase posts, and anything on remixing in general. They were what brought me to the blog in the first place (from Pinterest, yup!), and I'd hate to see them reduced at all (in fact, I'd love to see more). Honestly, a lot of other fashion blogs do OOTDs, but I think the remixing/packing element is what makes you unique! Maybe spinning it more like building a remixable work wardrobe, as opposed to actual "packing lists," would resonate with people more. That tends to be what I gain from them anyway--how to rewear things and remix outfits--the actual "what to pack" part is less important.

    1. Thank you! Yeah. I agree. Maybe if I called them "Capsule Wardrobes" instead of "One Suitcase" it'd be more obvious it's mostly about getting lots of outfit out of a few pieces - don't matter if you travel anywhere. :)

  4. I think the comments are kind of interesting, particularly the ones that talk about you branching out, having boring outfits, etc. That is PRECISELY why I followed you in the first place - I am the frumpiest frump who ever frumped and I have a boring, minimal wardrobe. I'm never going to be a clotheshorse, but I also need some ideas, and yours seem approachable enough to me without getting too trendy, costly, or expansive.

    I absolutely LOVE the idea to do posts about "what do I do with this skirt?" because oh man I am the worst with that. I get a piece of clothing that goes with one thing, and I'm sure it goes with more, but I just cant envision it. I find that your combinations that you already do give me some help with that, because you're often able to pull out a color that I wouldn't have seen in a dress by pairing it with a cardigan, etc. It's hard for me to think outside the box when it comes to fashion.

    1. Thanks! I'm comfortable with the fact I balance looking cute with blending in with normal (normal = non-fashionista) professionals at my corporate job.

      I will think about how I could best do remixing a particular item posts... thanks for your comment!!

  5. Interesting stuff! I really hope you don't give up the packing lists/one suitcase checklists! That is how I found this blog and why I love it! It just lays everything out so nicely, it makes my travel so much easier.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them. I like making them so I think I'll keep them up. But possibly just change the name so that people realize that it's useful for thinking about stretching your regular wardrobe too!

  6. Love your remixing and suitcase posts! Just had to comment because even though I live in Chicago and would love to see more cold-weather posts, asking you to do that is so silly! Like please MK, buy a down coat you will never use and show me how to style it. ;-)

    1. Hee hee. I do have SOME cold weather clothes but I just don't pull them out until a few months after the rest of the country. Maybe I'll do some recaps of outfits from winters past... or play dress up one weekend with the a/c blasting... :)

  7. Love, love, love your blog! The packing checklist for Paris is how I found your site. I love the packing lists and the remixing. You have completely transformed how I dress for work and how I shop. Also a northern girl, I would love more cold weather looks (accounting for walking through slush and snow). Love the idea of sending in a picture of an item and getting suggestions on how to style.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! So glad you like the blog! I am definitely going to try to work in as many of the suggestions as time and my overloaded brain allows! Stay tuned! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing the results! I also love the suitcase series and treat it more like a capsule wardrobe. I agree with the previous comment that maybe a remixing series will appear to a broader audience. I found the results asking about budget interesting but I would be interested to know how many new pieces you buy each season. Thanks for making all of us more fashionable!

    1. Thank you! I don't have a set number/amount I try to find but I just put up a post about my general method for shopping... that might start to answer your question? :)

  9. I do find it amusing that people want something different - "I don't travel" "I stay at home" "I go out every Friday" "I need makeup inspiration"- then I think it would be best to find a different fashion blog to read, don't you think?

    Keep doing what you are doing!

    1. Thanks! I am going to try to incorporate what I can -- but you're right in that I can only be who I know how to be! So while I might try to do a few extra things - this blog will fundamentally stay the same. :)

  10. I LOVE the one suitcase series!!! That's what brought me to your blog in the first place. I don't travel as often as you do but the ease of mixing and matching a few pieces to make multiple outfits is great. Some people may have missed the point of that. I have a trip planned next month and already have most of my pieces together from your Paris vacation from Oct 2013!! I am going to use the same formula when packing for my daughter as well. Keep up the good work and please don't give up the packing list series.

    1. That is so awesome to hear that you find the posts so useful! That makes me happy! Thanks for taking the time to tell me! Safe travels!


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