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Inspiration - Minka Kelly

Holy crap am I tired. I flew to Boston after work on Friday with Skylar to visit my little sister for the weekend. On the way up we had almost four hours of delays at our layover and didn't arrive at my sister's until after 1 am. And then on the way home Sunday it was a similar situation of ridiculous delays. We left Boston at 3 PM we didn't make it back home until 2:30 AM Monday. That's a long time for a 7 month old to travel. (That's a long time for a 34 year old to travel too!)

Skylar couldn't have been a better travel companion. She was great - sleeping on flights, playing on the airport floor during delays and giving huge gummy grins at other grumpy delayed passengers despite being a million hours past her bedtime. I was doing pretty good with the exhaustion myself but came very close to losing it when we arrived at our tiny home airport and two more delays happened:
  1. While everyone  from our tiny plane was waiting on baggage claim - I took Skylar to the bathroom to change her diaper. We came back out no more then 2 minutes later and all passengers and ALL the bags were gone. I had to wander around our completely desolate airport at 2 in the morning for another 20 minutes to find an airline employee to take their slow time to come unlock some random closet that they threw my "unclaimed" bag into. 
  2. Get Skylar and reclaimed bag into the car and go to pull out of the parking lot. Hand parking attendant my ticket and credit card. Little old lady says $91.00 and immediately swipes my card. Wait what? Two nights of parking in a small town airport long term parking costs how much? But then grumpy old lady says - oh my mistake - thought it was TWO WEEKS not two days! But then can't figure out how to cancel my credit card transaction. I sit for another 15 minutes while she tried repeated to cancel the transaction and then finally tries to tell me shes going to charge me another $20 for the right amount and to come back tomorrow to cancel the $91. Um no. Dying of tiredness. Finally just take the receipt and realize I will have to deal with it later or see the sunrise in this parking lot. No fun.
But - on a happier and less tired note - had a super wonderful time visiting my sister. She, despite just moving to Boston a few months ago, gave us a great tour of the city. We walked and ate and cuddled with Skylar. Despite the bumpy travel - the weekend was fantastic.

Then it was back to work on Monday very late and totally dead. Comfy clothes were necessary. (Um - this crepe tank is maternity - really need to replace it with a non-maternity less-see-through version...)


And because I love pictures of her cute little face - here's Miss Skylar sitting on the sidewalk of picturesque Acorn Street in Beacon Hill. :)


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