Friday, September 18, 2015

outfit post: burgundy printed shift dress, ankle boots, gold coin pendant necklace

Inspiration - Old Navy

It feels like it's been months and months that I've been seeing squeeeeeit'sfallyouguys messaging in stores and in magazines and on blogs. But here in good ole Florida it's been hotter than <substitute your favorite southern expression for death heat - billie goats in pepper patches comes to mind> and impossible to consider wearing anything resembling fall or layers or boots. But, then, we had a single  lovely miracle day this week with highs near 70 and lows in the fantastic 60s. So I took the opportunity to wear my new lightweight shift dress from Old Navy with my favorite ankle boots. (Of course the next day the temperature was back to 95+.) But that one day was lovely. :)



  1. LOVE that dress! Just followed your linky and ordered it for myself.'s 30% of with a code, so I got that and a pair of jeans for under $50! Thanks! And, in response to your saying the other day that you are frustrated with how the weight loss after baby is going...don't sweat it. You look gorgeous and have a knockout shape. Have a good weekend!

    1. Hope you like the dress as much as I do! And thank you so much for the sweet compliment! :)

  2. You look great! But please share how you are wearing all these cute dresses and still nursing (pumping too)? I feel stuck in separates until baby is 1!

    1. I've adjusted my nursing/pumping schedule to just be when I'm at home. So it is now morning, directly after work and then right before bed. (I was struggling to find time to pump during the day when I was onsite with customers or in back to back meetings.) It's not ideal but it's what is working for me right now. The small side bonus is I can wear a wider range of things to work now...



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