outfit post: grey sweater, burgundy frond skirt, grey pointed toe pumps

Inspiration - J.Crew

Still experimenting with ways to wear this frond skirt. Found this J.Crew picture on Pinterest and liked the combination of burgundy, grey and mint. Did my best interpretation with my own things. Like the result. (Although if my necklace had a touch of burgundy then I would super love it.)

Here are a few other ways I've worn this skirt.

**Random aside below - skip if daily life non-outfit stuff is boring... :) ***

Sometimes I feel like I've totally got my life organized and I'm doing a great job of keeping up with everything. My 'on top of my game' workweek routine looks a bit like this:
  • 5:15 - wake up, feed cat & dog, make coffee, pick up around the house, diaper/nurse/pump
  • 6:00 - workout
  • 7:15 - relax & play with Skylar (she's extra super cute in the mornings)
  • 7:30 - shower, clean kitchen, eat breakfast, pack lunch, take a pix & start blog post
  • 8:30 - head to work
  • 9:00 - work work work
  • 5:30 - get home & hang with Skylar & decompress
  • 6:30 - cook & eat dinner, stroller walk if I'm ambitious/not raining
  • 8:00 - Skylar night time routine, pick up around the house
  • 9:00 - maybe tv, time with hubby or blog
  • 10:00 - hopefully in bed
But I feel like my routine is a bit of a house of cards. If one part goes wrong then the whole thing collapses. This week was a major collapse. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday something was up with the kiddo. She was incredibly crabby (so unusual), woke up/stayed up dozens of times each night and on Monday got some crazy hives/blotches all over her head. Holy cow sleep deprivation is no joke. I went from, 'Look how much I'm getting done everyday while wearing a cute outfit!' to 'I wonder if other people can smell this dirty shirt? At least the stink will keep me awake on this conference call.'

I'm just telling myself to allow for the ebb and flow of my effectiveness in this new kid-having phase in my life. I should try to do the best I can each day with the brain power and energy I have and let the rest fall where it may.

That is a long way of saying - I didn't manage to get any blog photos or posts together for the last week. But after two great nights of sleep I am a new person again! Which means I got showered and dressed and snapped a photo of my outfit. Yay!



  1. That is life with kids! You are doing great! It's all about being flexible. Some days, you won't work out because you were up late(or all night!) with a sick child. It's all okay. My boys are 15, 12, and 10 now and it's a totally different kind of busy so sometimes my best laid plans for the day fall apart. Your schedule doesn't leave room for any mishaps. So, days you get it all done, pat yourself on the back. Days you don't, chalk it up to life and not a failure on your part! :-)

  2. Wow! You are awesome!! I can't get up at 5:00 to work out and I don't have kids or a job that is 9-5. You are really an inspiration! Keep being a super mom :)

  3. You are rocking that french manicure!

  4. You are rocking that french manicure!

  5. Sleep deprivation is probably one of the hardest things for me about having a baby. It made me/makes me a psycho! It's also hard when you have a happy baby who's not happy! Our guy is happy 99% of the time and that makes the 1% off time seem extra awful I think! Some days I get stuff done and some I don't. I figure it all works out in the end. Hang in there!

  6. I'm glad that even with the life change you manage to find time for us/the blog :) <3 Wishing you a successful week with much sleep ;)

    Oh, and loving the outfit... can't wait to wear those colors, especially as we enter fall (and I already have all the pieces!!)

  7. Eventhough I don't seem to have a lot of things going on beside my 2 years old, my job and my husband, I recognize a lot in your feelings to be able to work out your to-do list and sometimes it seems it would never happen! Thanks for reminding us that it all has to do with flexibility ;)


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