guest post - sister week: sleeveless chambray top, black pencil skirt, black ankle strap heels

Inspiration - Jamie Chung

My cute little sister graduated college 1.5 years ago and immediately got a cool job as a demand analyst in Cincinnati. After a year of being awesome she negotiated a big raise and a move to Boston. (<-- Big sister brag!) Now she works in an office in downtown Boston. I asked her to send me a week's worth of "Summer in Boston" work outfits so I could share them with you! Hope you enjoy!



  1. I live in Boston too, I love this city! Can definitely see this outfit being worn around town. :)

  2. Does your sister have a blog? Her outfits are so cute. What great style genes you have :)

  3. Your sister's very cute and I'm not trying to be mean in any way but honestly, these outfits aren't appropriate for work (and therefore shouldn't be an inspiration for your readers). I 100% guarantee you that the people she works with notice and think the same. Sorry!

  4. Just for my own info I'd like to know - what is a "demand analyst"?


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