outfit post: white midi skirt, navy shirt, jean jacket, brown perforated wedges

Inspiration - Asos

Looking at this picture - I sorta wish I'd worn my white heels with this outfit. But eh, next time. Wore this to the movies with my bookclub girls. Easy and fun and I managed to avoid wiping my buttery fingers on my white skirt-  success!

Goals - Week 17 update:

  1. Start eating healthier - Did really well with meal prep during the work week. All bets were off over the long weekend. Mmmm 4th of July pool party food & drinks are delicious!
  2. Walking lots -  Did great during the week but lost motivation during the long weekend.
    • Weight:
      • Weight - lost 0.0  lb (Seems about fair - next week will be awesome!)
      • Total weight lost - 18.4 lbs (43.4 lbs since my top pregnancy weight!)
      • 14.6 to go
  3. Post at least 4x a week-
    • Post 3x: Fail. Close but unsuccessful. :)



  1. Hi! We have similar body types and I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my first. You are already inspiring me that I will be able to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes again! I'm wondering, are you breastfeeding as well?

    1. Congratulations! So exciting! I am 6 months postpartum and still only back into 1/2 of my regular wardrobe. It's taking a little longer then I expected. But I also gained 55 pounds... oops. :)

    2. Oh and yes breastfeeding at home and pumping while at work. :)

  2. Love this look!!! You look great!


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