Saturday, July 11, 2015

outfit post: recent shopping purchases - june

As I've lost a little more of the baby weight I am feeling more comfortable going out and buying things in close to my previous 'normal' size. When I count back through the pregnancy months - I haven't been able to buy 'normal' clothes in almost a year! Nuts! So I've had a bit of fun shopping over the last month and this post is a rundown of things that I bought:

1. Tops that flow away from my mid-section - 
Because I'm nursing - I still have a huge rack - and my mid-section isn't quite where is used to be - so I've found that all the shirts I've purchased have been lightweight, non-wrinkle, flowy shirts. I liked that style of shirts before my body created a tiny human so they should stay in the rotation going forward regardless of what size I end up at.
2. Fun dresses - 
Summer is always about dresses for me! As far as getting dressed, dealing with the Florida heat & still looking professional - there is nothing better. I have purchased three sleeveless work dresses (I have posted quite a few outfits with the floral dress but still need to do blog posts with the white one & striped one) and a fun 'night out' maxi dress (post needed for this dress too). The maxi dress has a fitted, short underlayer part and a very swingy sheer top layer. I have found it to be very forgiving body-shape-wise which is great for my ever changing body shape!
3. Pencil skirts - 
I'm not quite back into my pre-pregnancy work pencil skirts yet. So when J.Crew Factory was having a sale I bought two skirts in a slightly larger then normal size. They've been wonderful additions to all the tops I have in letting me create work outfits with something other then the few pairs of pants I've been wearing on repeat.
4. New Work Bag - 
As I mentioned yesterday - I just invested in a new work bag and I'm in L-O-V-E love. It holds two laptops with assorted stuff, is very sturdy and super pretty. Winner.


  1. I've also been on the search for the perfect laptop bag, particularly for flying. What I hate is having to lean my bag against my legs for it to stand up the whole time I'm sitting at the gate. Having to hold it with one hand while I'm digging around to pull something out can be difficult on the plane, too. Sounds rather picky but spending time in cramped conditions has a way of encouraging such things. So- does this laptop bag stand up with a laptop in it? Any tips on how to find a bag that will?

    1. Unfortunately this bag is a leaner against stuff bag. It does not stand upright on its own. :/

    2. I'm not sure how to go about finding one that guys – outside of just going to the store and playing with ones that seem like they might.

    3. Thank you so much for your reply! I feel like I'm trying to defy physics here but had to give it a shot!

    4. I have a Michael Kors tote that I use for work that doesn't have to lean. Unfortunately, when it has a laptop inside the bag, space is limited to stuffing in more items - I struggle to get a 1" binder in it as well. If the laptop sits in the middle of the bag, that helps with the leaning is what I have found. Love the bag, but am always on the look out for something better, as it doesn't work so well traveling.

  2. you will love that white and stripe dress, I have both and wear them all the time. So perfect for Florida!

    1. Thanks! I love all the fun outfit ideas for the dress I've been getting from your site!



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