outfit post: july shopping wishlist - work & weekend wants

Last week I posted about my recent purchases and today's post is a rundown of things that I have my eye on purchasing next:

1. White Blazer - 
I have tried quite a few white blazers over the years and I always feel a little Miami Vice when I put them on. But I am endlessly pinning inspiration photos of celebrities looking chic wearing them. So I have two on my radar - one from H&M that is slightly off white (which might help my brain getting over 80s vibe) and then a Chanel inspired one from Ann Taylor.
2. Print Shoe
I have been eying two different styles of printed shoes. I love snakeskin heels as an alternate to leopard ones. And I saw the pictured tortoise flats browsing the Asos site and fell in love. Love both.
3. Solid Top - 
I have a good number of button down shirts thanks to my over purchasing of portofino shirts. Now I want to add in a few bold colored work blouses that fit across my larger then normal chest. Cobalt blue is always great.
4. Fun Cuff - 
Because the tiny human likes to grab my necklaces and earrings I've been upping my bracelet game. Love a simple geometric cuff. 
5. Bright Pencil Skirt - 
I have one mustard colored pencil skirt and would like to add another fun color. Saw a 'poppy' color on J.Crew Factory and thought it was fun.

..... ***WEEKEND WANTS***
1. Summer Dresses
Love summer dresses. Love love love.  The ones pictured above in particular.
2. Wedges
Kate Middleton has the Stuart Weitzman wedges pictured above. I love them but not their $425 price tag. I'm on the hunt for something similar but less expensive.
3. Summer Tote
I'd love to find a cute casual bag for poolside & casual summer days. The Stella & Dot one pictured above might be a little fancier then I'm looking for but it's so pretty with it's laser cut details!
4. Wide Brimmed Hat 
I'm outside a lot lately. And in Florida our sky is always either pouring rain or super strong sun. And the hat would help with the latter.


  1. I love the Stuart Weitzman wedges. I picked up a pair a couple of summers ago from Franchecas that is a dead ringer for Kate's pair, but the quality is terrible. They've been repaired twice.

    1. This page has a whole list of replicas for Kate's wedges: http://www.katescloset.com.au/stuart-weitzman-minx.html

    2. This is awesome! Thank you!!


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