outfit post: coral portofino shirt, frond pencil skirt, brown wedges

Inspiration - Loft

I wore this outfit today for casual Friday. (Except with the shirt tucked in and not tied because the tie at my midsection looked a little too casual for the office.) I was trying to branch out color-wise for what I thought 'went' with this skirt. I liked the idea of the color combination in the inspiration picture but I'm not sure I love actually wearing it. I sorta feel like putting coral and burgundy together makes me look confused by what colors ought to be worn together as opposed to looking like I'm super cool with my sartorial know-how. Maybe I'm just a one pop piece of clothing per outfit kind of gal... :)

PS I'm really far behind on responding to comments on the blog. I'm sorry. I love all the good advice & feedback you guys give me. I'm just still figuring out how to juggle everything. It seems like with Baby, Work, Husband, Blog, Family & Friends, House, Fitness and Sleep/Sanity (in no particular order) - I can keep about 6 out of 8 going pretty well at any one time. But usually some balls are dropping on whatever the remaining two happen to be. So hopefully at some point soon I'll neglected the kid and write you all back... just kidding... maybe. :)



  1. LOL! Don't neglect the baby for the blog! :) Headed to a national conference next week and have been stealing so many ideas from your blog as to what I should pack for all of the different dress codes. You're the best!

    1. Yay! Glad to hear that you find the blog useful! Hope your conference goes great!

  2. Love your blog. Don't neglect the baby :)
    And I like your version of this outfit better than the LOFT combo!

  3. Thanks so much! Maybe I'll just try to respond to a handful of comments while she naps. :)


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