outfit post: chambray shirtdress, nude wedges

Inspiration - Pippa Middleton

Here's what I wore on a super casual Friday when it was hot as balls outside and a/c in the office was on the fritz. I even ended up wearing flipflops I found in my desk drawer while I was at my desk because even my feet couldn't stand being inside close toed shoes. Hot hot hot.



  1. You look amazing!! I love this look! It's perfect since it's sooooo extremely hot hot outside!!

  2. I know I'm late to the party (stupid work overtime :P), but I just have to say that you are my hero for using the phrase "hot as balls" :) That exactly sums up Louisiana weather right now, and I hate wearing close-toed shoes at the office right now. I hope they got the A/C working shortly after this post!


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