outfit post: black buttondown top, striped pencil skirt, black wedges, brown laptop tote

Inspiration - Limited

I'm in love! My new pretty pretty work bag makes my heart go pitter-patter! Love love love.

Two years ago I wrote about how I'd been carrying a beat up cheap-o Target laptop bag around when I went onsite with clients.  Here's what I wrote:

I have owned the same random Target laptop bag since the very beginning of college. (13 years - eep.) It is black and basic and well past it's expiration date. It has traveled the world with me, often carrying two laptops at a time, and after years of abuse it was really showing it's age.
Right before I went to DC for work in July I started thinking about how I was spending time, money & effort on my wardrobe to look polished & professional and yet I was lugging the Pig-pen (dirty kid from Peanuts comic) version of a laptop bag around. It had gotten so beat up & worn out that it was detracting from my overall business appropriate impression. (In my head I imagined clients thinking, "Why did this competent & professional project manager go dumpster diving for her laptop bag?") It was well past it's time to be replaced.

I decided to look into an investment priced bag considering I carried the last one for so long and when I travel (frequently) it's glued to my side the whole trip. My fashionable & great-at-deal-finding friend mentioned that if you keep an eye on Kate Spade laptop bags they go on decent sale a few times a year and when I checked Amazon I was lucky it happened to be one of those times! I bought the Kate Spade Calista laptop bag for half-off full price. Score! (Sadly, it's not on sale anymore.) And I love it. It's super lightweight, has a decent number of pockets and the inner lining is a polka-dot pattern. Too cute.

So being a nerdy Engineer at heart - I often lug two laptops around with me plus notebooks and other crap. While I loved how lightweight the Kate Spade bag is - my heavy duty use of throwing it around airplanes with two laptops inside - meant that the strap busted off not once but twice on me in the first six months while traveling. Grr. So I reverted back to my Target bag for another year and a half.

Until I saw this pretty pretty Tory Burch tote bag online! I decided to try again at upgrading my laptop bag and after carrying this new tote for two weeks now - I totally love it. On the site it says it fits a 13" laptop but I've been putting my 19" Macbook and my 13" work Thinkpad at the same time with no problem. And it feels like a really sturdy but still not a heavy bag. So I'm hopeful that this bag will survive my abuse for a good number of years. And did I mention I think it's pretty? :)



  1. I LOVE that outfit! You look beautiful!

  2. This is your friend Anne. :) Love the bag babe!!

    1. Hi Friend. I miss you! Need to get up to DC with my little nugget to visit!

  3. You look very professional, but stylish with the cognac colored tote! Hope you returned the Kate Spade bag back to them and that they replaced or at least repaired it.

  4. I LOVE the bag but as a professional laptop carrier myself; I can that bag is BEGGING for a base shaper to hold up the contents or it's going to quickly get stretched out! Do a google search for base shaper or Audrey of Putting Me Together did an article on them under wardrobe tips.

    1. That is a great suggestion! It didn't occur to me! I'm going to search for one now. Thanks!!


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