outfit post: purple sleeveless floral ponte dress, navy boyfriend cardigan, nude wedges

Inspiration - Rachel Roy

This is basically the exact same outfit that I wore last week except I changed the cardigan from lilac to navy blue. Revolutionary! (Can anyone say outfit formula? Hint hint.) I really really love all the colors in this dress. And as an added bonus, I found that I already own every coordinating colored cardigan. Get ready for seeing this dress with white, teal and mustard green cardigans in the coming weeks! Can you even contain your excitement?? :P

On another note, it is already deathly hot here in Florida. Yesterday was a lovely "feels like 105 degrees" with full humidity according to the local weather. It's so hard to get dressed in real clothing and put on real shoes (as opposed to flip flops) when the temperatures are this high. I'm fine when I'm in my office in the a/c but the thought of my typical daily four block walk to Starbucks makes me sweat just considering it. (At least I don't have to take the metro in the middle of summer like when I was working from our DC office.)



  1. I'm in Florida too and I agree. It has been so hot!! Doesn't take long outside to sweat through your shirt 😓☀️☀️

  2. If you have a fridge at work, Starbucks has some really yummy pre-made drinks in big bottles at the grocery. A friend recently recommended the skinny vanilla latte one since I like the real thing....and I like this one BETTER! Like, a lot better! And bonus points for being less in calories while being more tasty! Maybe you could get some and not have to shlep in the humidity when it's bad? I stay at home and live in the north but it's still sticky sometimes, yuck! And I have an almost 11 month old and this is my new afternoon nap time treat. I look forward to 2pm so much lol! And I am still obsessed with this dress but afraid to buy it as I don't know how their stuff is sized....sigh :-)

    1. Congrats on your little one! Coffee is a requirement! I really like to stretch my legs in the afternoon but for those days I just can't take the heat the premade drink sounds amazing! Thanks for the suggestion!

      It was my first sheath dress purchase from Lands End and I was pleasantly surprised how much I like the fit.

  3. I love the dress and cardigan combo. This would be a really chic work outfit or you could wear it to a shower.



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