outfit post: pink portofino shirt, black 'editor' ankle pants, leopard wedges

Inspiration - Pink Sole

Another inspiration outfit from the super cute Rachelle at Pink Sole. We both share a love of the Express Portofino shirt. I now own four solid colored 'convertible sleeve' tops and one sleeveless polka-dot. And I'm super tempted to pick up a few of the patterned ones. Ack. Must exercise restraint!

Goals - Week 14 update:
Um, so I sorta just skipped last weeks update. I hit a point two weeks ago where I was just tired of everything. Between working full time and the kid and houseguests and husband and blogging and healthy meal prep and exercising and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting... I started to feel a little burnt out about it all. So I decided to just take some time off from worrying about food and weight and focus in and enjoy the other aspects of my life.

I definitely ordered pizza a few nights, hit the drive through a couple of times for lunch and almost polished off an entire round of brie with crackers while socializing. But it was nice to just take a break. Now that I've given myself that mental rest - I'm feeling re-energized and motivated again to try to make another chunk of progress towards fitting back into the rest of my pre-baby closet!
  1. Start eating healthier & walking lots - 
    • Weight:
      • Weight - Gained 1.4  lb
      • Total weight lost - 12.8 lbs (37.8 lbs since my top pregnancy weight!)
      • 20.2 to go
  2. Post at least 3x a week-
    • Post 4x: 5 posts! Success.


  1. Totally agree- you need to give yourself a break now & then - especially becuase you look amazing !!

  2. You're doing great! Love your honesty about feeling overwhelmed - it happens to everyone but sometimes people are too ashamed to admit it.

  3. Do the Portofino shirts run big or small or true to size. Also, is the white one see through? I see they also have the color ivory - wonder if that would be less see thru.

    1. I think they are true to size. And as far as the white one - it's slightly see through but not bad. I don't wear a cami with it.

  4. Another great one, you have to pick up a few more they are perfect for work.

    1. They are addicting! Next I want to try the Express tanks that you recommended. :)

  5. Always love seeing Rachelle over here. She inspires a lot of my outfit choices as well! You're doing great on the "get back in shape" plan! I'm truly impressed at new moms (like yourself) who manage to BLOG on top of everything else! That's a lot to fit into one day and I'd say you deserved the fitness/diet vacation.

    1. Thanks so much! Sometimes I feel like I have it all together but then other times I feel like I'm not doing anything well. Just depends on the day. Figure I'll just do the best I can and then not stress if a few things get dropped for a bit. :)


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