outfit post: navy pencil skirt, olive green portofino shirt, leopard belt, nude wedges

Inspiration - Lulu's.com

Sorry I've been MIA. I got sick last week but had a ton high pressure stuff going on at work. Being under the weather meant I couldn't juggle my normal fifteen thousand home/work/life obligations - so I give myself just two priorities - don't die and don't screw up at work. I was successful at both of those tasks but that meant zero outfit posts after Wednesday. Good news is that work even keeled again this week and I'm feeling much better.

Feeling a little safari chic in this outfit. Really really like the olive green paired with the navy. I feel like one of those InStyle color charts that give you advice on color combinations and says stuff like, "navy pairs great with peach, olive and teal blue!" (Just searched on Pinterest and this combination did not make the charts I found... oh well!)



  1. Color combo is cute! I wouldn't have thought of the leopard belt, but I really like it.

  2. This might sound like an odd question, but do you wear stockings? It's sooo hot & humid in Virginia I'm melting!

    1. No. It's way too hot in Florida. If I was meeting with a really conservative client and was concerned about covering my legs - I would probably just switch to lightweight pants.

  3. Um, you look fantastic! I check your blog now and then and aside from this outfit being chic, you look great! I'm sorry you were sick and hope you're feeling better.


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