outfit post: aqua pencil skirt, floral crepe shell, grey pointed toe pumps

Inspiration - Frill Clothing

This fun aqua pencil skirt from J. Crew Factory was one of my purchases during my Memorial Day sales online shopping spree. I love the bright color and have lots of ideas for outfits I can put together with other basics I already have.

I really like how bright and summer-y this floral blouse is when paired with the skirt. A bit out of character for my normally somewhat neutral style.  I opted out of colored shoes like the inspiration picture and went with a subtler grey because this outfit was already bright enough for me without adding pink on top of everything else. (I do feel a little Joan from Mad Men - slightly too buxom secretary - because my body is extra top heavy while I'm breastfeeding.) But all in all I'm liking the departure from my norm. :)



  1. You look amazing! I love these spring colors and the pencil skirt is a perfect fit!


  2. this looks great! totally don't think 'top heavy' when I looked at this outfit!

  3. You look so amazing! I'm struggling w/ baby weight right now and your posts are always inspiring. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for commenting! It is a struggle - hope your are winning the battles more days then not! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Super cute! Love the cardigan you wore with it!

  5. Love Love Love! The colors look gorgeous on you. I agree with the earlier comment, you don't look "top heavy" at all.

  6. Very pretty, and slimming! I thought it was a pre baby photo!


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