outfit posts: postpartum purchases

While I've been complaining a lot about feeling like I have nothing to wear - looking at my 'fits me postpartum' section of my closet - I've actually made quite a few purchases over the past 3.5 months. I decided to round them all up and share them with you guys.

Putting them all together in a graphic shows me that while I have done some shopping for stuff to fit me at my current size - it's been mostly for very casual clothing. Which makes sense because for the first three months after baby I was home getting barfed on and not headed into an office.

Here's a rundown of things that I bought:

1. Tops that flow away from my mid-section - 
I have a bunch of maternity tops that I wore while I was pregnant and they had great details like ties & ruching for showing off the bump. But postpartum, I still have a 4 month bump and no longer want to emphasize it. So I've slowly been picking up a series of tops that have leeway around the midsection.
2. Non-maternity jeans - 
About a month in the full belly coverage maternity pants all started moving around on me because I was no longer pregnant. But my 'normal' sized jeans are still just a tiny dream to being worn. So I bought three pairs of pants at Target to hold me over during this middle sized phase.
3. Easy dresses - 
Found a boho trapeze shaped dress at Target and bought it in an XL. I basically started living in it because I love it so much. So I went online and bought it in blue floral as well. Love love love.
4.  Vacation clothes -
My last week of maternity leave we went on vacation to the Bahamas. All my normal beach gear was so tight. I decided to treat myself and buy a maxi dress and fun tunic from Lilly Pulitzer so I would have festive things I felt good in while celebrating my last week of time off.
5. Pencil skirt - 
Really missing my work skirts. Bit the bullet and bought a pencil skirt from Loft in a fun frond pattern.
6. Fancy diaper bags - 
Because this kid and all her assorted supplies will be getting hauled around with me for the next 18 years or so - I decided to splurge on the fancy pants diaper bags. (Yay for being stylish while cleaning up a diaper blowout!) I bought the small and large sized nylon Marc Jacobs bag in a green color so that it (hopefully) won't show dirt/wear and will go with both black and brown. (The color is called 'dirty martini' - um, awesome!) I use the smaller one for short trips & errands and tuck the small one inside the larger one for being out of the house all day or overnight.

**Made two graphics - one called 'recent purchases' and the other called 'postpartum purchases' so they could be pinned based on preference.**  :)


  1. The tassels on my peasant top from Target bit the dust in the washing machine last night. Try washing yours inside out to keep the tassels intact. I had to cut the strings off of mine :(

    1. Oh! Good tip! The strings do seem flimsy. Thank you!


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