outfit post: spring 2015 shopping wishlist

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile - here's a little list of items I have been eying lately. I think I'm really craving dresses because I've stopped wearing them to work (so that I don't have to totally strip down in my office when I pump) in favor of separates. Typical - wanting to wear the opposite of what I have to wear out of practicality. :)

Colored Station Necklace
  • Because I've been wearing longer, untucked blouses to work lately - I've been reaching for longer pendant type necklaces. I have found myself wishing a few times that I had an alternative long fun necklace to add to the mix and station necklaces fit the bill. Love the Kendra Scott one pictured above but it's a little pricey. Tried to find some cheaper alternatives.
Spring Print Work Dress
  • I'm holding off on buying new work dresses until I'm done breastfeeding (unless they have an easy open top) but I'm sorta in love with the print on this Land's End dress above and it has me dreaming of fun print work dresses that I will someday wear again.
Fun Maxi Shirt Dress
  • I have two knee length shirt dresses that were on constant rotation before I got pregnant and when I saw this maxi shirt dress in a zappos I was in love. The casual sophistication makes me think of lovely summer sightseeing days somewhere in Europe. Or maybe a picnic at a botanical garden. Something fun and outdoorsy and fabulous. A girl can dream! :)
Bright Party Dress
  • I have actually been to all the weddings and babyshowers this year that I'm invited too. But I because I love love love the print & cut of this dress from Asos - I am saving the link so that if some special event pops up that could give me an excuse to buy & wear it - I'll be ready!
Black Work Bag
  • My black work bag has seen better days. I have started just putting a small clutch in my laptop bag with my wallet, cell and chapstick because the one have has looks too rough for a professional environment. But sometimes a girl want to carry more things then a clutch will handle. So I'm looking for a middle ground bag that doesn't need to be big enough hold my laptop but is large enough to lose some hair-ties and receipts at the bottom. And when I get a new one I want to spend a little more and get a "nice" bag so I'm taking my time finding one I really love. The Tory Burch bag above is a pretty high contender.
Brown Perforated Wedges
  • Ever since I saw pictures of Kate Middleton wearing cute cork wedges on one of her world tours I've had a eye out for a pair of my own. (Kate: here, here here) I saw the lovely Tory Burch perforated wedges but wasn't ready to spend $300 on shoes. And then when I was shopping in Dillard's I stumbled upon this pair (which I'm sure are a TB knockoff but I don't care) and loved them. Bought them on the spot at 1/3 the price.
White Summer Sneakers
  • I had a pair of pink Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers in highschool and I wore them until my toe went through the sole. I loved those shoes. I've been seeing really cute casual outfits lately with people wearing white ones. Sign me up!
Brown Crossbody Bag
  • This bag from Old Navy just seems like a good everyday summer bag. I'm holding off buying it because if I'm not heading into work I usually have the tiny human with me and therefore a diaper bag instead of a cute light crossbody bag. But if that wasn't the case the bag would be mine! :)


  1. If you find a dress with a back zipper it is easy to unzip the dress a little and take a arm out. No need to stop wear dresses all together.

    1. Good point. That didn't even occur to me! :)

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  3. That Asos dress is so cute! When I click on the link is just takes me to the site though, not the dress. Any helpful keywords? The ones I came up with don't seem to be the right ones.


    1. Boo - it looks like it is sold out. It was called: Digital Bloom Print Soft Midi Dress

      Here's the big messy link: http://us.asos.com/ASOS-Shop-womens-fashion-mens-clothing-Free-Shipping-Returns/16aa4h/?iid=4819832&cid=15801&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Multi&totalstyles=3359&gridsize=4&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1EaWdpdGFsLUJsb29tLVByaW50LVNvZnQtTWlkaS1EcmVzcy9Qcm9kLw

  4. I have those SW Minx wedges Kate has and I loooove them!! Definitely my staple summer shoe!! :)

  5. Try Walmart necklace extenders .Can't see them if shirt has a collar. Or on coupon days shop Bealls markdown jewelry displays...down right cheap. Glad back to work and baby going well!


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