outfit post: mint sweater, tan pants, burgundy pointed toe pumps

Inspiration - Taylor Swift

These pants are as basic as colors get but for some reason I seem to forget what 'goes' with tan/beige pants and they go unworn for long periods of time. I poked through my flipcard view and here are all the ways I've worn them on the blog. I definitely need to pull them out more!

Goals - Week 11 update:
  1. Start eating healthier & walking lots - 
    • Eating healthier - Pretty good week - didn't eat any major junk - just a few mini reese's peanut butter cups out of the office candy bowl. I've been asked a few times what I've been eating so below is what I ate yesterday - which was a pretty typical 'good' day:
      • Breakfast: 2 overeasy eggs on top of quinoa, orange
      • Snack: Apple with sliced cheddar cheese
      • Lunch: Turkey Meatloaf leftovers, frozen mixed veggies
      • Snack: Starbucks skinny vanilla latte
      • Dinner: Southwest eggrolls (Baked corn, spinach & black bean eggroll - I used less cheese)
    • Exercising:  Exercised 4 days.
    • Weight: 
      • Weight lost this week - loss 1 lb
      • Total weight lost - 12 lbs 
      • 21.0 to go
  2. Post at least 3x a week-
    • Post 3x: 5 posts counting last Wednesday. Success!