outfit post: white ankle jeans, striped shirt, brown wedge sandal

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

My Reese streak continues! (And I still have two more inspired by Reese outfit idea still coming... hee hee.)

I don't often wear two light colored garments together. I always think light monochromatic outfits look so chic on other people but for some reason I rarely wear them myself. But being the Reese-streak and all - I thought I'd venture outside my comfort zone and give it a try. Especially since it has the fun color addition of the red bag. I'm pretty happy with the results. (Also taking advantage of the fact our tiny human doesn't do things like roll in the dirt or eat spaghetti or finger paint yet to wear my white jeans... who knows how long her sticky-free-ness that will last?)

Goals - Week 4 update:

  1. Start eating healthier & walking lots - 
    • Eating healthier: Early in the week we had a few poor nights of sleeping (And it was going so well! Maybe growth spurt?) and when I'm really low on sleep I lose my motivation to figure out healthy meals and just move to grab-what's-easiest mode. So last week wasn't great on the fruits & vegetable front... and next week we're squeezing in a vacation before my maternity leave is over (go back April 20th - so close!)... so I'm just going to give myself a pass for that week. But starting April 13th I should be able to establish a pretty good routine of shopping for good stuff and doing some meal prep for the week. That is always when I'm most successful!
    • Walking lots: Over 10K steps 5/7 days last week. Finished All the Light We Cannot See and almost done with The Girl on the Train audio books. Yay for books & walking!
    • Weight: 
      • Weight lost this week - gain 1 lb
      • Total weight lost - 2.8 lb 
      • 30.2 to go. :)
  2. Post at least 3x a week-
    • Post 3x: Success! Thursday, Friday, Monday & Wednesday. Yay!


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