outfit post: pink floral v-neck lilly maxi, wedges

Inspiration - Lilly Pulitzer

Last week our little family headed over to Atlantis in the Bahamas to take advantage of my second to last week of maternity leave. We had a wonderful time and the tiny human did great - both with her first time flying and with the new environment. This week I'm going to share some of the outfits I wore on vacation. I hope you enjoy!

Before the trip, as I attempted to pack, I tried on some of my favorite beachwear from my closet but frustratingly everything was uncomfortably or inappropriately tight because of the baby weight I'm still carrying. So annoying. I already knew I was going to be self-conscious in beach clothes and bathing suits at this higher weight so to counteract that feeling I decided to treat myself to a few 'nice' larger sized pieces before the trip that I knew that I would feel good wearing. Vacation is so much more relaxing and enjoyable when you are comfortable in your own skin!

I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store and bought this maxi and a blue tunic - both of which are bright and fun and most importantly actually fit! (Although my nursing boobs are so huge - they are a little ridiculous in everything I wear.) Mission success! I loved wearing my new purchases and think that I will be able to tailor them a touch when I get smaller so that they still fit.

One night while we were there we got a babysitter and I wore this dress with my highest wedges to go to dinner at Nobu (yum!) and then to watch a pretty funny comedy show. (I also carried a cream light knit cardigan because the a/c was frigid in some parts of the resort.)


Baby girl's first plane ride!

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  1. That's so smart to invest in clothes for your current body and tailor them later. You look fabulous and it sounds like you had so more fun. And baby girl looks precious!! Thanks for sharing a picture :)

  2. Skylar is gorgeous! And I love that dress - it'll work perfectly even once you lose the weight

  3. Love this dress, and you look great in it!

  4. The dress is adorable! And your boobs look great ;) Plus your baby girl is so freaking cute. Glad you had a good vacation!!

  5. You give such great advice to new moms in this post! Your baby girl is growing so fast!

  6. Just gotta say you are so wearing this beautiful dress! I am also on a losing weight journey and enjoyed your tips about tailoring.

  7. That dress is beautiful! I love the bold colors... and your baby is such a cutie :)


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