outfit post: orange layered tank, white cropped jeans, brown wedges

Inspiration - Eva Longoria

In addition to the tunic and maxi dress I mentioned purchasing for vacation yesterday - I also bought this layered tank and double strand pendant necklace from Banana Republic. The tank is really flattering in how it flows away from the body with cool three panels layered in the back and draping long enough to cover my bum.

And I was surprised how much I liked the necklace and wore it as much as I could on our trip. It has a really nice weight to it so the layers don't get tangled and I really liked how the pendants have a geometric masculine feel.

I wore this outfit with wedges to the casino to play blackjack and with flats to walk around )with the hubby & baby in stroller) through all the really cool aquariums. Really loved the predator tunnel with sharks swimming overhead - pictured below!

Goals - Week 5 & 6 update:

  1. Start eating healthier & walking lots - 
    • Eating healthier: Eating on Vacation was irregular - some really good healthy steamed fish or sushi type meals and other dripping with sauce BBQ sandwiches. Since we have been back I have been cooking a lot of super healthy meals so my eating has been really good.
    • Walking lots: On vacation our room was at the furthest end of the property so it took 2,000 steps to go to a main area and back (thanks fitbit!) and because we did that multiple times a day - I broke 10K steps or much higher every day we were there. Since we've been back I've also made sure to beat 10K steps everyday. I want to make the most of this week because it is my last one of maternity leave - I don't know what my available time for long walks with the babe will be as of Monday...
    • Weight: 
      • Weight lost this week - loss 4.5 lb (over 2 weeks)
      • Total weight lost - 7.3 lb 
      • 25.7 to go. :)
  2. Post at least 3x a week-
    • Post 3x: Success!

Predator tunnel!


  1. You look great. I'm also fighting to get the baby weight off.I'll be headed straight to Target for those white jeans as soon as I get to the States this summer. Good luck with starting back to work!

  2. I found your blog through Pinterest recently and I am really enjoying the inspiration. I got my first pair of white jeans and was struggling with what to pair it with but I like the combo with orange/ coral.

    1. Thank you! Hope you get lots of wear out of your jeans!


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