outfit post: chambray shirt, black pencil skirt, maroon heels

Inspiration - Hilary Duff

We're on vacation this next-to-last week of my maternity leave. So I thought I'd try and share a few of the remaining body double posts that I have sitting saved on my computer...

Back in September Paloma over at Nine Thirty to Five blog mentioned that she had been leery of wearing her chambray shirt to the office but once she did she was totally into it. I feel the same way - the material is basically denim which seems incredibly casual but the actual design of the shirt has buttons and a collar which is actually pretty office appropriate. After dressing my friend up in my chambray shirt with a black pencil skirt, I found that I really like the result! So I've decided, for casual days, I'm joining the wear your chambray to the office train too! :)

Goals - Week 5 update:
  • Vacation week - no update. Back at it next week!
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